Chopard Teams Up With Actress Julia Roberts For Its Latest Happy Diamonds Campaign
Julia Roberts wears steel, sapphire and diamond automatic Happy Sport the First watch. (Photo: Shayne Laverdière)

In 1993, Chopard Co-President and Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele unveiled a watch that would soon prove to be one of the brand’s most emblematic, if not most beloved, designs: The Happy Sport, which did the unimaginable by teaming glittering diamonds with humble steel (instead of the usual precious metal) for a combination that’s so popular today but completely unheard of then. “I wanted a watch that I could wear all day long: At the gym, in the office or for a dinner in town,” Scheufele said upon its launch, giving voice to a desire similarly shared by countless women across the globe. 

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Promising sophisticated luxury and casual-chic style in equal measure, the timepiece offered women the best of both worlds at a time when their only choices were a dressy occasion watch or a practical everyday model. Further securing the watch’s success was its uncanny ability to spark instant joy in anyone who chanced upon it, thanks to the seven mobile diamonds that dance and twirl freely across its face with gleeful abandon.

Chopard Teams Up With Actress Julia Roberts For Its Latest Happy Diamonds Campaign
Julia Roberts wears rose gold and diamond Happy Diamonds Icons earrings. (Photo: Shayne Laverdière)

Twenty-eight years and numerous vivacious editions later, Chopard revisits the model that started it all with Happy Sport the First, a timepiece that pays faithful homage to the original groundbreaker. And the Maison couldn’t have launched it in a more apt manner than with Hollywood actress Julia Roberts by its side. After all, there is arguably no one more perfect to front a joie de vivre campaign than an accomplished celebrity famed for her 1,000 watt smile and hearty laughter that could win over even the most cynical of souls. 

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Through the talents of photographer Shayne Laverdière and film director Xavier Dolan, the multi-media campaign showcases the 53-year-old actress in all her candid, confident beauty as she goofs it up for the photographs while dancing up a free-spirited storm for the video. As Karin Scheufele, Caroline’s mother, once said, “diamonds are happier when they are free”. Roberts demonstrates in this campaign that the same can definitely be said of us. Here, the actress shares her thoughts on how to attain happiness—the Julia Roberts way. 

What are some of your happiness tips? 

One: Be kind to others. Two: Surround yourself with loving, kind, compassionate people. Three: Kissing, followed by dancing as a close second. 

And what makes you laugh? 

Not so much things that are funny, but things that are clever, [which is] a thoughtful thread to humour. 

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Julia Roberts wears rose gold and diamond automatic Happy Sport Joaillerie watch. (Photo: Shayne Laverdière)

What are your favourite qualities in a woman? 

Depth, soulfulness and just a real personal strength. 

What does being a free-spirited woman mean today? 

[It means] being comfortable in your convictions and sharing [them] with those around you. Not all women have those liberties and I’m very grateful that I have them. 

What do dancing diamonds evoke for you? 

Perhaps the idea that something is going to happen! 

How does your Happy Sport watch make you feel? 

There is something about having a watch [that], every time you look at it, [you see] all these sparkling diamonds whirling around; it’s pretty awesome and truly good stuff. 

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Chopard Teams Up With Actress Julia Roberts For Its Latest Happy Diamonds Campaign
Julia Roberts wears steel, rose gold, sapphire and diamond automatic Happy Sport watch. (Photo: Shayne Laverdière)

How important is responsible luxury? 

I’d say that the idea of responsible luxury is something that not enough brands pay attention to. The thing with a Maison like Chopard is that it has really pioneered the idea of having a conscience, leading the charge and setting an example for other brands to follow. 

What do you find special about Chopard? 

Chopard just represents this timeless idea of elegance and sparkle and being ladylike. You kind of think: “When I grow up, I want to be having a great time and wearing watches and earrings by Chopard.” Now look at me; I’m all grown up! 

What is your favourite motto? 

The motto that I repeat the most is “no way out but through”. 

And what is your present state of mind? 

I’m really happy right now; it has been such a beautiful day and I’ve felt such a really great sense of kinship that I had not expected today, so I’m super happy. 

Photographed by Shayne Laverdière
Styled by Elizabeth Stewart