5 Super Useful Christmas Tips For The Jewellery Lover

In a few days, you’ll be sipping on eggnog with loved ones and making your rounds on the party circuit. But before that happens, you’ll need a game plan for your wardrobe to make sure you make every best-dressed list for the festivities ahead. Here are a couple of points you’ll want to keep in mind when it comes to your jewellery. Throw everything else you’ve heard out the window and make a splash.


We all know what the light at parties this time of year is like: It’s warm, it’s dim and it’s soft. Couple that with a venue that has been decked out with shiny baubles and chances are, you’ll all but fade into the background if you’re not careful. So leave the petite baubles at home for the time being and arm yourself with statement pieces – because it’s simply embarrassing to be outshined by festive décor. Having said that, you aren’t in direct competition with the Christmas tree so pile on those the pieces carefully. Stick to one or two bold pieces (necklace and bangles; or earrings and rings, for example) and leave the rest of your outfit clean.


It’s a busy social season and if you’re the popular type, then you’ve most probably gotten invites to several shindigs on the same evening. So make the most of your gems and make them work hard. Transformable designs (necklaces that can be separated to become a choker and a brooch or bracelet; or medallion rings that can double up as pendants; earrings and rings that offer multiple ways of wearing them; the list goes on…) are best for this as they allow you to create different, hassle-free looks in a blink of an eye.


Or, if you haven’t any of these multi-taskers at hand, don’t be afraid to put your own spin to your jewellery. A few examples include sturdy sautoirs that make great belts (just don’t wind them too tight, especially if you plan on having a feast), oversized stud earrings that can be worn as brooches to accent your blouse, or even rings that put a nice finishing touch to an otherwise plain ponytail. Just tie your hair with a rubber band, loop your hair through the ring and fasten with a hair pin or two and you’re good to go!


It’s fine to be fashionably late but never so late that you’ve miss the party altogether! Wear a watch – preferably one that’s oversized and easy to read, too. While a phone can serve this purpose, a watch does have several advantages. Firstly, it leaves your hands free for more important things like cocktail glasses or flutes of champagne; not forgetting, heart-felt hugs for loved ones. Secondly, you can check the time with just a subtle flick of the wrist. Nothing says “your party is a bore” to your hostess more than a phone screen lighting up every five minutes for the entire room to see. That’s just simply bad form.


In addition to warm, cosy lighting, the season also brings with it a trove of heartwarming scents – ones that emanate from a table laden with festive gourmet, scented candles and live pine trees. So go easy on the perfume, especially on the neck and wrist as perfume can discolour pearls, diamonds, gems and tarnish silver. Or, if you must, keep to light, fresh scents and spray them on at least 10mins before you put your jewellery. A simpler solution? Jewellery that doubles up as diffusers as well.

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