Zendaya in Bvlgari's Serpenti collection

The serpent has long stood as a prominent symbol in many ancient mythologies. It was a creature that represented rebirth, transformation and wisdom in civilisations around the world – thanks to its ability to emerge from each skin shed, renewed and even more beautiful than before.

Couple this with its elegant, sinuous form and it’s no surprise that the world’s most beloved jewellers have been seen dipping their dexterous fingers into the powerful mysticism that surrounds the snake throughout time. Yet, as captivating and alluring as those designs may be, there is arguably no bejewelled serpent that has slithered its way into being the legendary icon that Bvlgari’s Serpenti has since its first appearance seven decades ago.

With Bvlgari’s introduction of its first Serpenti watch in 1948, the collection has continued to embody the values of its lustrous heritage. From gleaming Tubogas watches that coil around the wrist with utmost comfort, to the baubles – lightly sprinkled with diamonds – that inject a dose of glamour into everyday life, to the high jewellery creations encrusted with precious stones and materials, the Serpenti is constantly reinvented and metamorphosised with each new beguiling edition.

Clockwise from top: White gold and diamond Serpenti Viper two-coil bracelet; white gold, emerald and diamond Serpenti bracelet; white gold and diamond Serpenti Viper ring; white gold and diamond Serpenti Viper ring; white gold and diamond Fiorever ring, Bvlgari

What this essentially means for the modern woman who refuses to settle for less is that she has a jewellery collection that she can trust to change, adapt and grow with them as she makes her way through the journey that is life. It’s a personal talisman that she can wear at any occasion; as a reminder that with each new dawn brings a new start.

As the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, once said: “change is the only constant.” So embrace it with every fibre of your being and, with the new year peeking right around the corner, celebrate the adventures that 2021 will undoubtedly bring.

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