Photo: Franck Muller

Franck Muller‘s Head of Design Jean-Loup Glénat chats with Charmaine Ho about the timepieces that commemorate the brand’s 30th anniversary this year.

Please tell us about the 2022 watches.

We have many exciting watches this year because we have, of course, been waiting for two years to [be able to physically] present our new ideas. One of the main novelties is the Cintrée Curvex CX. We really wanted to revisit the Curvex collection [for our anniversary]; rework the details and come up with something different while still respecting the original. We worked on a new guilloché, new numbers, and a new case. We extended the glass and put in a new inner bezel for added options like having it in bi-colour or with diamonds. It is also in a new size: The first Curvex CX was 40mm because it was for the Grand Central Tourbillon; this is now in a 36mm size.

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White gold and diamond Cintrée Curvex Crazy Hours 30th Anniversary watch, $83,500 (Photo: Franck Muller)

Is this something that you’ll be introducing in the women’s collections as well?

Yes, we are; maybe in a 33mm size. I hope to be able to present some of these next year. We also have the [Cintrée Curvex] Crazy Hours to celebrate our anniversary. It’s something that’s even more crazy than the existing one, with numerals which are a little bit more topsy turvy. The numbers three and zero are also very close together [on the dial] so that allowed us to do something special for our anniversary, and I think we will continue presenting commemorative pieces through the year. Then, of course, we have another anniversary next year: It’ll be the 20th anniversary of the Crazy Hours to look forward to.

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Rose gold and diamond Cintrée Curvex CX 36 watch, $99,600 (Photo: Franck Muller)

What else can women expect from the brand this year?

One of this year’s novelties is the Vanguard Rose Skeleton. The watch was launched last year but now, it’s with black diamonds. For this, we worked closely with our partner, Cortina Watch, who has helped a lot to make this watch a success. The black diamonds bring out a new contrast to the watch. As you know, we also have a Heart Skeleton but the Rose Skeleton has been more successful, maybe because it’s more feminine. I think we have many more stories to tell with the rose in the future.

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Black PVD-coated white gold and black diamond Vanguard Rose Skeleton Black Diamonds watch, $65,500 (Photo: Franck Muller)

Which are the three Franck Muller watches you’d recommend to women?

First, you need to have a Crazy Hours for sure, because it’s the funnest, and because it’s a genius watch. For me, it has the right balance of the Franck Muller spirit. Then, maybe a beautiful complication like Revolution Three, because it showcases the Franck Muller craftsmanship and know-how for very complicated watches. And the last one of course, is the Rose Skeleton because it’s a beautiful mechanical watch.