His and Her Emerald timepieces and HW Logo jewellery

Harry Winston

While brilliant-cut diamonds remain a beloved choice, nothing quite beats the emerald-cut for its sophistication and regal bearing. This perhaps explains why it was the late Mr Harry Winston’s favourite gem-cut, and it continues to be a motif that’s central to the New York jeweller’s legacy – including its world famed logo that’s proudly showcased in the HW Logo collection.

Crowned with the brand’s distinguished lozenge-shape logo, the HW Logo collection offers a minimalist modern range of designs that ranks high on stylish versatility, thanks to clean, strong lines – and, of course, a healthy sprinkling of diamonds in true Harry Winston fashion.

Comprising earrings, pendant necklaces, sautoirs, bracelets and rings crafted in white, yellow or rose gold, the collection offers women everything they want in jewellery: Designs that pair beautifully and effortlessly with their wardrobe, while garnering admiring glances from friends. Plus, the sleek pieces allow for easy stacking and layering with other baubles du jour. What more could you possibly ask from jewellery that was created specifically to inject glamour into your everyday life?

Harry Winston's HW Logo collection
The HW Logo collection offers stylish versatility

The HW Logo’s easy yet distinctive sense of glamour makes its designs the perfect pieces to commemorate life’s celebratory moments, be it for a loved one to mark a cherished anniversary (there’s nothing more darling than a chic HW Logo engagement ring with its inscribed “HW” which also stands for “husband and wife”) or oneself for a well-deserved life achievement (like a gleaming pair of stud earrings to add sparkle to your next Zoom meeting). And if you’re looking to make an even bigger statement with your significant other, there’s always the Emerald timepiece collection, available in a myriad of designs for men and women, to show the world your solidarity with poise and elegance.

Trust Harry Winston for the Perfect Pairing
Trust Harry Winston for the perfect pairing

It’s no surprise that Harry Winston remains the choice for the world’s romantics, with many turning to the jeweller for its bridal range. After all, what could be more fitting than to crown your wedding day with a prestigious brand famed for its exquisite – and sizable – jewels?

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