Sevan Bicakci, Brooke Shields
Sevan Biçakçi with Brooke Shields. Photo: Getty


Jeweller to the stars Sevan Bicakci counts Hollywood actresses such as Brooke Shields and Gwyneth Paltrow, and fashion moguls the likes of Tory Burch as fans—thanks to the distinctive, one-of-a-kind creations that use uncommon techniques. His signature intaglio technique, for example, requires the careful carving of a gem from the reverse, allowing it to capture the light in mesmerising ways.

Here are five things you should know about the gem master:

On the one particular symbol that continues to fascinate him…The Hagia Sophia, definitely. As a symbol, the Hagia Sophia might be more frequently referenced in my work because it has inspired me to create that typical, round, dome-like ring shape.

Sevan Biçakçi
The Hagia Sophia ring. Photo: Courtesy of Sevan Biçakçi

On the incorporation of his signature reverse intaglio technique in jewellery making… I always felt that there was something missing with my Hagia Sophia-inspired rings; the dome-shaped coloured gemstones embellishing the top centre of my rings were too empty and boring. That’s how and when I started my first intaglio carving experiments.

On the challenges he faces in his line of work… A lot of details [in my work] are a matter of trial and error. For example, the intaglio carvings that I would be happy with are the result of eight or nine trials; all the other ones are failures because of cracked gemstones or caricaturized interior expressions. Patience is key in my particular jewellery-making approach.

Sevan Biçakçi
Biçakçi at work. Photo: Courtesy of Sevan Biçakçi

On what he looks for in a piece when he starts crafting it… [The design has to] add excitement to my existing collection! Every new piece has to be enriching in its own mysterious way.

On what is next for his label… The next collection is going to be about one-of-a-kind wrist watches. We have been working on the idea for over five years and hopefully we will be ready to organise the first exhibition in the fall of 2016.

Sevan Biçakçi
Photo: Courtesy of Sevan Biçakçi

Sevan Biçakçi’s jewellery will be available exclusively at Edit Lifestyle, Tudor Court, 137/139 Tanglin Road, from 28 August to 20 September 2015.

Text by Pakkee Tan