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Photo: Courtesy of Buccellati

Beyond expressing love, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the layers, textures, and depth of that emotion. And when it comes to encapsulating these sentiments into something tangible, those in the know turn to Italian jeweller Buccellati, which stands out with its incredible skills in crafting emotions into gold, silver, and gems. The brand’s whimsical and intricate jewellery crafted in the finest yellow, white and pink golds, and embellished with diamonds, gemstones and enamelling are treasured keepsakes that make the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts.

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in 1919, in the heart of Milan, near the storied La Scala Theatre, Mario Buccellati—hailed The Prince of Goldsmiths—established a jewellery house that would become synonymous with sophistication and the revival of Italian goldsmith artistry. It didn’t take long before the brand Buccellati set a new standard for luxury jewellery, as it gained distinction for its intricate designs that echo the splendour of the Renaissance period.

Buccellati’s journey through time is a testament to the enduring allure of artistry and dedication to the traditions of Italian goldsmithing. Each creation is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, who employ techniques from the Renaissance passed down from one generation to the next. The house’s unique aesthetic is defined by Tulle craftsmanship—intricate lace-like patterns, painstaking engravings, and an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. 

Buccellati jewellery
Pieces from Buccellati’s timeless Opera Tulle collection. Photo: Courtesy of Buccellati.

As this romantic season calls for the gift of tokens that are both profound and precious, let the Opera Tulle and Macri collections speak the multifaceted language of love with their timeless elegance. More than just jewellery, each piece is a pledge of affection, all crafted with the same passion with which one loves. 

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The Opera Tulle collection, as lyrical as the arias that linger in the corridors of Italian operas, showcases filigree finesse that would rival the most delicate of Venetian laces. These pieces don’t just shimmer; they sing. On the other hand, the Macri collection embodies the elusive charm of romance. Crafted with the time-honoured Rigato technique, where the gold surface is hand-engraved to achieve a finish that recalls the softness of gilded silk, the jewels are adorned with dazzling brilliant-cut diamonds that symbolise love’s eternal light.

This Valentine’s Day, let Buccellati’s treasures convey your deepest sentiments. Whether it’s for the woman who walks with the grace of timelessness, the minimalist who finds depth in simplicity, or the passionate soul who wears her heart on her sleeve, there is a Buccellati piece that whispers her name. Here are our picks of five Buccellati creations, each mirroring the spirit of the woman it adorns.

The Cultural Connoisseur

Buccellati jewellery
Gold and green enamel Opera Tulle pendant, $3,700; gold and and mother of pearl Opera Tulle pendant, $4,300, Buccellati. Photo: Courtesy of Buccellati.

She has an eye for the artistic and the historical. The Opera Tulle pendant, with its delicate goldwork reminiscent of Italian heritage lace, adorns her neckline as a statement of her rich appreciation for culture and craftsmanship.

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The Modern Minimalist 

Buccellati Jewellery
Macri Classica bracelets in (from left to right): White gold and diamond, $19,000; white gold DLC and diamond, $18,000; pink gold, white gold and diamond, $22,000; yellow gold and diamond $15,000, white gold, $7,500, Buccellati. Photo: Courtesy of Buccellati.

She finds beauty in simplicity. With its clean lines and subtle diamond embellishments, Macri bangles match her penchant for sleek, contemporary designs that speak volumes in whispers. With their unique gold texture that resembles golden silk, wearing these bangles is like wrapping your wrists in luxury.

The Avant-Garde Aesthete

Buccellati Jewellery
Gold, white gold diamond and blue enamel Opera Tulle Enamel ring, $8,700, Buccellati. Photo: Courtesy of Buccellati.

Always ahead of the curve, she loves making bold statements with her fashion choices. For her, the Opera Tulle ring, a harmonious blend of intricate detailing and bold design, embodies her forward-thinking vision.

The Bohemian Spirit

Buccellati Jewellery
White gold and diamond Macri Classica earrings, $16,000, Buccellati. Photo: Courtesy of Buccellati.

The Macri Classica earrings reflect the lightness and poetry of her lifestyle. They dance with her every movement, as whimsical and free-spirited as the way she lives her life.

The Hopeless Romantic

Buccellati jewellery
White gold, gold and diamond Macri Giglio bracelet, $54,000, Buccellati. Photo: Courtesy of Buccellati.

She believes in fairytales and happily-ever-afters. The Macri Giglio cuff, with its fabric-like gold flaunting a dreamy iridescence and precious stones, captures the essence of her eternal optimism and daydreams.

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