The face of Bvlgari's Fiorever jewellery collection, Úrsula Corberó
The face of Bvlgari’s Fiorever jewellery collection, Úrsula Corberó

How do you feel about being the new ambassador for Bvlgari?
Very grateful and happy. Bvlgari has a long association with the world of cinema. My favourite actress is Julianne Moore, and I remember the campaign she did clearly. That they should have asked me to become the new ambassador is like a dream, a wish come true. It is an immense honour for me to become part of this family.

The Fiorever campaign brought you together with Mario Sorrenti. How did you feel in front of his camera?
When they told me that Mario was going to shoot the campaign, I didn’t quite believe it. Mario is an icon. Knowing him has been a privilege. He is a person who transmits a great sense of calm, but he is also keenly aware of his surroundings and he is very observant. I hope life will bring us together again; I love chatting with him, and playing in front of his camera, I felt free.

Which are your favourite pieces from the Fiorever collection?
There are two: the shoulder jewellery (poncho) and the combination of the fringed earring with the earring that envelop the entire ear. The shoulder jewellery/ poncho makes you feel as you are wearing a second skin of diamonds and the earrings are very stylish and bring a lot of light to the face.

What is your relationship with jewel
When I think about jewellery, I’m reminded of my childhood. My grandmother loves jewellery and I used to have a fabulous time when I went to her house and she showed me the pieces she owns. She would tell me the story of each one, and her eyes would shine with a different light, as if she were reliving every special memory.

How would you describe your personal style?
I don’t have a definite style. I like letting myself be inspired by what appeals every day. My mood is not always the same, so my style can’t be either. What I do know is that I like comfortable clothes that are powerful. I like mixing styles, especially formal and informal. I love high-heels, sweatshirts and transparency. As to accessories, they always help me finish off my look. I love hooped earrings, handbags and sunglasses.

What is your beauty regime?
Well, it depends on how much time I have available, I won’t lie to you. I always take great care of my skin as it is sensitive. I always eat whatever I like, but make sure it is good quality. No industrial pastries. And I try to work out two to three times a week.

What about your your guilty pleasure?
Boiling hot showers. I know it’s very bad for the circulation, but I can’t resist.

What is the best advice you were ever given?
One day Rossy de Palma said something wonderful to me that has stayed in my memory for ever: Don’t believe all the bad things you hear, but neither all the good.

For a closer look at the Fiorever collection, watch Singaporean model, Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw shining in the designs below:

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