Meghan Markle Could Get These Iconic Princess Diana Jewels on Her Wedding Day

Royal grooms traditionally give their brides a special piece of jewellery as a lucky charm

All weddings are filled with a certain amount of tradition, but for the royal family, customs are more than just a matter of lip service—they’re an essential part of the ceremony. From the bride’s bouquet to the guest list, everything is carefully dictated not just by the happy couple’s tastes, but also by centuries of history. One of those traditions, of course, is for the royal groom to gift his new bride a special piece of jewelry on their wedding day as something of a lucky charm: Prince Philip gave the Queen a diamond bracelet made from stones taken from his mother’s tiara, and it’s thought that Prince William gave Kate Middleton a set of earrings refashioned from a pair in Princess Diana‘s own collection. Though we may never receive confirmation about Prince Harry‘s gift to Meghan Markle, considering that he’s already included some of Diana’s diamonds in her engagement ring it hardly seems like a stretch to imagine one of Diana’s iconic pieces going to the bride-to-be.

In favor of that fantasy, we’ve rounded up a selection of Diana’s special, not-yet-spoken-for pieces that we could someday see as part of Meghan’s married wardrobe.

This article originally appeared on Town & Country.

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