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Family Jewels

Familial traditions are intrinsic to Fendi’s core, and the artistic director of jewellery Delfina Delettrez Fendi knows it well. Following the House colour codes set by the Fendi sisters in the 1940s, Delettrez Fendi opted for subtle gemstones and white gold, deviating from the bold colours that are usually seen in high jewellery creations. Icy white and yellow diamonds along with pastel-hued green, yellow, padparadscha and pink sapphires and spinels are used to create a symphonic three-part collection that marries other elements from the Fendi design lexicon. The FF motif, cursive ‘Karligraphy’ created by the late Karl Lagerfeld, and baguette-cut stones are a nod to the iconic handbag of the same name. They meld together through tessellation and abstract repetition, creating a sense of constant motion while suspending the jewels as if they weigh nothing. Much like the design philosophy of the House, the Triptych collection plays with the idea of hidden beauty—a treasure to be discovered and appreciated over time.

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Delfina Delettrez Fendi wearing the Unadarum earring
Delfina Delettrez Fendi wearing the Unadarum earring Photo: Courtesy of Fendi

Hello Sunshine

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Since 1974, GRAFF has been known to use fancy yellow diamonds in its jewel craft, from the 47-carat square emerald-cut Star of Bombay to the Golden Empress, weighing in at a whopping 132 carats. It is no surprise that the brand would dedicate a high jewellery collection to these natural wonders. The centrepiece necklace features a 30-carat fancy intense yellow pear-shaped diamond, accompanied by another 138 carats worth of yellow and white diamonds, all crafted to accentuate the sun-bright rays of these golden gems.

Locked in Love

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From the silver screen to the sparkling halls of Tiffany & Co., Florence Pugh makes her grand debut as House ambassador in the newest Tiffany Lock campaign that celebrates one of the oldest icons of the brand dating back to 1883. “The message anchoring the campaign is simple yet incredibly impactful: it’s a celebration of love and the bonds that we form in life. The new Lock designs are beautiful symbols of that ethos,” says Pugh. Designed for all genders, the expanded collection introduces various colourways of earrings, pendants, rings and a bracelet in white, yellow and rose gold, with or without diamonds.