jeweluxe 2018 vihari sheth

If three Gemological Institute of America qualifications does not earn Vihari Sheth the right to recommend us what diamonds to buy now and love forever, then surely three storied generations of diamond trading must undoubtedly account for the faith we have in the Singaporean designer. Because, let’s face it, who are we to argue with legacy right?

And speaking of birthright, so rarefied was the childhood of Vihari – whose grandfather and father are in the business of creating show stopping sparkles – that Singapore high society has conferred her the title of “Queen of Coloured Diamonds”, with good reason. After all, she did grow up playing with diamonds during her summer breaks from school. And as an adult, her mesmerising, otherworldly, designs speak for themselves. It is safe to say that Vihari has seen it all. So when it comes to Her Majesty’s endorsement for rare coloured diamonds, we should really take heed.

Here, she debunks myths and misconceptions of coloured diamonds, and tells us how she is redefining wearable luxury.

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jeweluxe 2018 vihari sheth

When did your passion for jewellery first begin?

When I was 13 years old, helping my dad count his diamond inventory during my summer break!

What article of jewellery do you wear everyday? And why’s that? Is there any special significance?

My engagement ring which is a 6 carat emerald cut! I also always wear my 3 carat solitaire earrings (single studded earrings). They are easy and fuss free and look very presentable for all occasions! Lastly, I never leave without my tennis bracelet as it goes with all outfits and gives a very feminine look to any attire.

jeweluxe 2018 vihari sheth

What is your favourite stone – coloured or otherwise? And why?

I LOVE pink diamonds! They are so special! There is only one flawless carat in every million carats mined! The chemical composition of the stone attracts me. The rarity in which they are found makes them extremely special, and something I would love to pass down to my daughter! The mine in which they are found has limited production and will be shutting down by 2020!

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jeweluxe 2018 vihari sheth

What are the common misconceptions about coloured stones? Why are they so valuable, and why should people invest in them?

The biggest misconception in my view is when people believe they will find ‘something’ else and they can wait to buy a coloured diamond! I would also like to add that people believe BIG IS GOOD. Not in the case of coloured diamonds. Any size with the correct intensity will increase value every year! They are becoming extinct! They are extremely hard to mine and very hard to come by. Nature only produces a handful of these beautiful naturally-coloured diamonds! May it be big or small, you mustn’t be deceived by its size! They will become a piece of art in the future. A collectable, and will appreciate in value as there will be none to get your hands on in the next 10 years!

What is your favourite cut of diamond? And why?

I love the pear shape diamonds. It’s a very difficult shape to cut and perfect hence it takes a very good cutter to make it look perfect.

jeweluxe 2018 vihari sheth

What kind of precious metal do you like to set your stones with?

18K Gold and Platinum.

Now let’s talk heirlooms, what is the most precious piece of jewellery anyone’s given you?

When I gave birth to my first child, my father gave me a one-carat intense pink diamond which is extremely rare. Let’s just say he gave it to me to pass down to my daughter!

Can you please describe your creative process when designing a new piece of jewellery?

Well since I work with very rare stones, first, I wait for what nature has to offer me. Once the diamond is cut from its raw form, my brother will send me the picture of the finished cut faceted diamonds. I then see the shape and colour, and decide what I would make from it. A necklace or a pair of earrings, or a ring, and at times if there are a few lovely pieces – a bracelet!

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jeweluxe 2018 vihari sheth

What are your favourite pieces from your collection? What should attendees look out for at the festival?

I love the ‘La Mariposa’ collection. It’s a collection with Argyle Pink Diamonds and beautiful rose cut diamonds surrounding them in a form of a butterfly! It’s a collection I made available for people to collect pink diamonds without hurting their pockets! Also the Sunrise collection of yellow diamonds is a beautiful collection of diamonds with all the different hues of the sun!

jeweluxe 2018 vihari sheth

JeweLuxe Singapore 2018 will take place from 12 to 21 October 2018, at the TENT@Ngee Ann City.

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