Leonie Hanne Is The Jet-Setting Free Spirit Who Can’t Live Without Her Jewellery

We secretly want to switch lives with PANDORA's newly appointed ambassador. By Michelle Varinata

pandora high summer 2018 leonie hanne

Photo: Courtesy of PANDORA

Thirty-year-old German fashion influencer Leonie Hanne of @leoniehanne has it all: Glowing poreless skin, a dream wardrobe and most importantly, beautiful backdrops featuring the world’s most famous landmarks from the Paris’s Eiffel Tower, Venice’s Piazza San Marco to Dubai’s Burj Al Arab. Compared to us, she’s got her husband as her go-to Instagram photographer alongside the dream life of attending couture shows in Paris. Newly appointed by PANDORA to be their ambassador for the jewellery brand’s high summer line, we can’t get any more excited for her.

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  • Congrats on being a PANDORA ambassador! How did this happen? 

Thank you so much! PANDORA has always been one of my closest partners and one of my first campaigns ever was for them! I also was part of a PANDORA trip to Thailand last year when the brand opened a brand-new production facility so therefore, I know the brand very well and feel so connected to it that it’s a very organic ambassadorship based on a true connection and brand love!

I also have a very international following so the campaign was loved and shared by followers from all over the world! Every day, I get messages from followers when they spot me in their PANDORA boutiques or find a poster in the streets or an ad in a magazine. It’s truly amazing and such a dream come true!

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pandora high summer 2018 leonie hanne

Photo: Courtesy of PANDORA

PANDORA is all about sustainable high quality, hand-finished jewelry that also encourages women to express themselves. Why do you connect to the brand?

I love that PANDORA has such a positive brand image and it’s all about treating yourself and embracing being a woman!

PANDORA makes this possible for all different kinds of women by offering high quality products with different price points and even when you buy just a small item, the packaging and the buying experience will make you feel like you truly treated yourself. In our fast fashion industry, I love that creating these special moments means so much to the brand!  I also saw the PANDORA production facility near Chiang Mai in Thailand and was even more impressed when I saw the craftsmanship and the high standards of the work environment, which makes me even more excited about the brand!

What do you like the most about the PANDORA High Summer collection? 

I love that it’s very different and shows how well PANDORA can pick up the latest trends by still staying true to the brand! As I’m a summer child and I love festival season, I’m especially excited about so many cool pieces to mix and match and layer to be festival ready!

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pandora high summer 2018 leonie hanne

Photo: Courtesy of PANDORA

If there is anything from the collection that you want to wear, which pieces are your favourite and how do they help you express your personal style? 

The PANDORA Dream Catcher Tassels are my favourite! Normally PANDORA rings are always my favourites, but for this collection I love the leather chokers and all festival charms (e.g. big wheel, feathers and again: the tassels)!

What are the three words that describe your personal style?

Feminine, trendy and playful!

pandora high summer 2018 leonie hanne

Photo: Courtesy of PANDORA

Since we live in a hot and humid climate, are there any styling tips that we should try?

For hot and humid climates, I love to wear flowy fabrics with oversized shapes and keep it more minimalist in terms of clothing. But then, I add some cool accessories, statement earrings and fancy sunglasses so that the styling looks cool and you still feel fine with the climate!

Given that you live in Germany, Paris and London, what are your secrets to maintaining a jet-setting lifestyle without any stress?

For me, getting an apartment was such a good step! London is a city, which combines a cool vibe, fashion and lifestyle and I can have brunch meetings in the morning, work on my daily to-dos during the day and see my partners for evening events. So much is happening here, which makes it easier to stay home.

I also love the easy train ride to Paris since it’s the true capital for couture! And for traveling to other places: I try to always pack a mix of essentials I’m always taking with me (beauty favourites, the perfect black dress etc.) and mix it with some new trendy pieces!

Also, London has amazing direct flights (also to Singapore ;)) which makes flying to jobs so much easier!


pandora high summer 2018 leonie hanne

Photo: Courtesy of PANDORA


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