Photographer Martin Parr Collaborates With Gucci On A New Instagram Project

It spans nine locations, all with a hidden connection to Gucci

Every time that Italian luxury house Gucci collaborates with an artist, the fashion world sits up and takes notice. Their latest is a portfolio created by renowned British documentary photographer Martin Parr, who took on their timepieces in a series of exclusive photos for Instagram. Spanning nine locations from Derbyshire to Tokyo—each with a previous connection to the Italian house (hint: They’re all #GucciPlaces)—the photographs stay true to Parr’s oeuvre of work, capturing Gucci’s statement-making timepieces in the context of everyday life. Read on for our quick chat with the artist about his first foray into photography, working with Gucci and the meaning of his photos, and check out the photos on Instagram via the hashtag, #TimeToParr.

How, why and when did you first start going into photography?

Martin Parr: It started from my grandfather in the ’60s he was a keen amateur photographer. By the age of 13, I was fully immersed in taking photographs and processing film.

Your photos usually have a satirical message to them, what is the take away message for this campaign?

MP: Anti fashion, fashion, exploring the world.

Which Gucci Places piqued the most your curiosity and why?

MP: Castello Sonnino just outside Florence, an untouched family-owned house for generations. The owners were great characters with amazing energy, and it was a pleasure to photograph them.

How did this Instagram project with Gucci come about?

MP: Gucci got in touch with me to work with them and #TimeToParr was born out of this creative collaboration. I see Instagram as a way of expanding the audience for my work, and I’m very happy to play a role within it.

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