Martha Hunt And Zendaya Test-Drive The New Michael Kors Access Smartwatch

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Update, 6/9: Since the Michael Kors Access smartwatch made its debut at Baselworld 2016, Michael Kors has got the fashion world to sit up and pay attention to its foray into wearable technology. By melding the house’s signature glamorous aesthetic with functional technology, Michael kors has come up with an utterly desirable accessory for the modern woman on the go.

Speaking of being on the go, no one knows this better than two of the biggest style stars of the moment, model Martha Hunt and singer Zendaya, who put the smartwatch and its capabilites to the test in a new campaign. It sees the pair go through their day—from the moment they wake up, to hitting the gym—and finally ending it by meeting Kors himself at a fabulous dinner party.

Click through our gallery above to see all the shenanigans they get up to, and follow their adventure on social media via the hashtag #AccessItAll.

Michael Kors

Photo: Michael Kors

The new Michael Kors Access smartwatch is not only a fashion accessory but is equally a functional piece of technology. It is, as such, appealing to both men and women, but the message behind it is perhaps more intriguing.

“I’m in the business of making people’s lives easier through fashion” says Kors. The Michael Kors Access watch was created as a reaction to today’s pell-mell pace of life that hinges on how one receives and presents information. Knowledge is power, but it is perhaps the art of curating knowledge and the tools that simplify the connection of different information together, that is more powerful.

The Michael Kors Access watch is then, Kors’s induction of a new kind of power dressing into the world —an aesthetic that is no stranger in the world of Michael Kors—and albeit its beautiful design, the luxury-factor of the watch draws from its ability to connect users to different worlds of information.

On a tech-ier note, the watch is powered by Google’s Android Wear platform and is compatible with both Android and Apple phones—applications too. With a flick of the wrist, you are able to make calls and text; check up on your appointments, social media and e-mails; get smart help from Google (Google maps and Google translate) and receive (life) support from apps like Whatsapp, Shazam and Trip Advisor. This watch is essentially your best travel companion; one who actually knows how to read a map.

Customizable features are also available. The watch contains exclusive Michael Kors display faces that changes with a swipe, and you will be able to take your Michael Kors Access to any occasions with it’s interchangeable straps.

The Michael Kors Access smartwatch is priced at USD395 and is available from Fall 2016.

By Pakkee Tan and James Lennon Chuang

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