My mother always described my father, Humphrey Bogart, as very sentimental and romantic. He often gave her beautiful jewellery, and almost every piece was engraved with a sweet sentence or thought and his initials or name. Romantic indeed!

Mother never lost her working-class roots, even though she was able to afford gorgeous, expensive things. She loved knowing the artists who made the pieces she wore, and she felt particularly connected to a couple of private jewellers, like Amy Moss and Darlene de Sedle. Amy is now a friend of mine—she makes exquisite, heavy pieces out of 22-karat gold, some with stones—and I have fond memories of her meeting my mother and me at a hotel in Los Angeles to show us her latest designs. I bought Mother a few of Amy’s pieces as gifts, and she wore them all the time.

If Mother wasn’t harried when she was getting ready to go out (which she often was), she would talk to me about the clothes and jewellery she was wearing. She adored pearls, particularly very big ones from Tahiti and the South Seas, and wanted me to as well. They were magnificent, without question, but a bit large and showy for my taste. No matter—Mother looked fantastic in them. Whether she was wearing pearls or an elegant brooch, along with her many rings, she had a great sense of style and always looked beautiful.

More than 700 items from Lauren Bacall’s estate—including jewellery, art, and Humphrey Bogart’s top hat—will be auctioned at Bonhams New York on March 31 and April 1