If there’s one thing you can trust PANDORA to do, it’s to offer jewellery that let you celebrate personal moments with pieces that truly speak of your style. Even more so now that the Danish jewellery brand has introduced new creations to its contemporary yet timeless Signature collection.

“We’ve taken the PANDORA Signature collection, already known for our Signature markers – pavé, logo and heart motifs – and added an element of geometric linear beauty. Creating something clean that is also recognisable is one of the most difficult things to do in design. The new pieces in this collection capture those two ideas perfectly,” says PANDORA VP Creative Directors Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli. The new unisex Signature I-D bangles (a first for the collection) are great examples of this.

Available in three metallic hues (sterling silver, gold- and rose gold-finished), the modern and oh-so-easy-to-wear pieces stand out for their balance of curves and angles, thanks to them having both squared and rounded surfaces. Wear it singly for a minimalist touch or stack them all the way up for a more statement look – you decide just how big of a visual impact you want to make.

PANDORA Signature Collection bangles
PANDORA’s Signature I-D bangles come in three metallic finishes.

“This is the first time we’ve had an open bangle as a part of the collection and we think it’s the start of something iconic,” Terzo and Ficarelli continue. “The bangle was inspired by architectural shapes, linearity and effortless beauty. The unique design transitions between a square and a round profile. We love the juxtaposition between curves and angles. The roundness of the bracelet was even inspired by the PANDORA crown O and can be found in subtle touches at each end of the open bangle.”  

The new range of rings offers a myriad of styles for different statements.

If it’s a ring that you are after, then the new range has got you covered as well with single- and multi-band creations. For a simple and effortless finish to your OOTD, there’s the Logo & Hearts rings that spare no details with three tiny stones set on its outer surfaces for that touch of difference. Then there’s the Sparkling Overlapping rings that draw the eye in with its pavé stones and beaded details for a highly tactile look. Not to be left out are the Crossover Pavé Triple Band rings with their glitter-and-gleam surfaces that make a sizable statement all on their own.

From pendant necklaces with movable elements for greater styling options (the Two-tone Circles pendant necklace offers eight), to earrings that offer two-in-one possibilities (like the Sparkling Double Hoop earrings), it’s clear that these new Signature collection designs were made with the myriad needs and desires of the modern woman in mind.

Even the Signature earrings allow you two ways to wear them.

As Terzo and Ficarelli further explain: “We love that each piece makes a statement, while still letting your personality shine through. Start with one standout piece, like the Crossover Pavé Triple Band ring. Depending on your day and your mood, you can add further accents to your look with different pieces and how you wear them… We know that our customers like to have options with their jewellery. That’s why transformation was [also] central to this year’s PANDORA Signature collection.”

With its clean lines that beg to be stacked and layered, and its clever ability to transform and give women multi-wear options, the only question you need to ask about the Signature collection is: Which ones are you going to get?

Here’s a quick look at the collection.

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