There are watches that take your breath away upon first look. Then, there are watches that compel you to steal covert glances, while making an unforgettable impression long after they’re out of sight. Patek Philippe’s newest edition of its Twenty~4 Automatic timepiece falls completely in the latter category with looks that will win over even the most discerning of sophisticates. 

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Patek Philippe’s Full Rose-Gold Twenty~4 Timepiece Is The New Wrist-Taker To Covet
So named after the number of hours in a day, Patek Philippe’s new rose gold Twenty~4 Automatic 36mm timepiece is adorned with 160 diamonds on its bezel. (Photo: Patek Philippe)

Crafted from rose gold, the new Twenty~4 Automatic Ref. 7300/1200R-011 bears a distinctive same tone sunburst dial for a captivating sheen that catches the eye with the slightest twist of the wrist. Couple that with a discreet double row of 160 sparkling diamonds – in a “dentelle” (lacework) setting – and you’ve got yourself a gilded wrist-taker that was designed to turn heads in the most elegant and refined manner. The watch comes equipped with the watchmaker’s trusty caliber 324 S C self-winding movement, visible through the sapphire-crystal case back, and patented fold-over clasp for added comfort. 

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And for those looking for a less ostentatious yet no-less-statement watch, there’s the steel Ref. 7300/1200A-011 to consider. Graced with the same double row of dentelle-set diamonds, this Twenty~4 Automatic comes with an alluring Olive-green sunburst dial for a youthful pop of colour.) 

Patek Philippe’s Full Rose-Gold Twenty~4 Timepiece Is The New Wrist-Taker To Covet
The steel and diamond version is dressed with an olive-green sunburst dial for a splash of colour. (Photo: Patek Philippe)

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Traditionalists will also want to check out the third edition that rounds up this latest drop: Twenty~4 Quartz Ref. 4910/1201R-001, which encircles the wrist with its manchette (or ‘cuff’ in French) silhouette, making it exceptionally great for pairing with other wrist candies du jour for the day. Instantly recognisable for its distinguished looks (the original band-like quartz numbers have been around since 1999, after all), this timepiece offers women a winning combo that marries the lusciousness of rose-gold with the equally warm glow of a chocolate-brown sunburst dial, flanked by two rows of diamonds (34 in total). 

Patek Philippe’s Full Rose-Gold Twenty~4 Timepiece Is The New Wrist-Taker To Covet
The Twenty~4 Quartz Ref. 4910/1201R-001 has a battery that will last you approximately 3 years. (Photo: Patek Philippe)

No matter which design you end up deciding on, these timepieces guarantee what every watch emblazoned with the words “Patek Philippe” does: That you’ll have yourself a wrist-taker that will get you through the day effortlessly – on both the style and functionality fronts – for years, and generations, to come. 

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