Swarovski's Spring 2019 campaign, featuring the Lucky Goddess range
Swarovski’s Spring 2019 collection offers an encompassing array of designs

“Symbols can express something that sometimes words cannot,” says Creative Director Nathalie Colin of Swarovski’s latest collection. “This spring, we discover lucky symbols, protective talismans, rare trinkets and charms that offer the sparkle and meaning we all need in our lives.” Just as she promises, Swarovski’s Spring 2019 is filled to the brim with emblems that exude positive energy, happiness and good luck, topped with vibrant colours that are sure to win ardent fans from the style loving crowd. Even better is the fact that the collection offers up an encompassing range of styles that enable you to indulge your love for baubles, no matter the occasion – from cocktail soirées at the beach, to weekend brunch with the girls, now’s the time to #FollowYourInstinct.


Lucky Goddess, for example, offers stars, hearts and horseshoes in light baby blues and rich deep reds that look just as good with a floral maxi dress as it would with a boyfriend blazer. Or, for a stylish modern take on the Evil Eye symbol that ranks high on versatility, the beaded outline of the Oxygen designs showcases clean geometric shapes that pairs as beautifully with a maximalist ruffled blouse as it does a plain tee-and-jeans combo. Then, there’s the Luckily range whose name says it all: Hamsa hands and Evil Eye motifs allow you have your protective charms close to you wherever you go, be it under the collar of a crisp, white shirt, or piled on with other bijoux du jour for a bigger statement.

Whatever the vibe you choose to go for, Swarovski’s Summer 2019 collection will have you covered with good luck and fortune in absolute style. Now, who could possibly say no to that? Click through the gallery below to see how highlights of the collection can fit into your wardrobe.

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