Tiffany & Co. Launches East West Mini Collection
Photo: Tiffany & Co.

“Beautiful design makes a beautiful life,” said Charles Lewis Tiffany. Who better than the founder of Tiffany & Co. to wax lyrical on what makes for a beautiful life? Since 1837, the luxury house has made a beautiful life a reality with exquisite, glistening, picture-perfect designs—both through its lust-worthy gemstones, and its precision horology: The Atlas Clock, erected in 1853 at the front of its New York store, clocks the movements of its city dwellers, accurately and to the second, to this very day.

Launched in spring 2015, the East West Collection is an instantly signature addition to this tradition of iconic products and memorable moments. From their rectangular shapes to the unique alignment of the dials, the watches in this range make a clear statement: They are not for wallflowers. And now, adding to the allure of that capsule collection is Tiffany & Co.’s East West Mini collection.

Designed with the modern and individualistic woman in mind, the East West watches take inspiration from Tiffany & Co.’s iconic travel accessory from the ’40s, the Purse Clock. The watch face sits vertically on the wrist rather than horizontally—just like how the clock would have sat on the mantelpiece or by the bedside. Its sleek body curves just a tad, so it fits at the wrist, snugly and surely. Perfect for a woman who is sure of who she is and lives her life the way she deems fit. No norms or binding traditions hold her back—she is bold, different by choice and a go-getter.

The 37x22mm rectangular stainless steel face makes the timepiece perfectly unisex, being neither too big to challenge the elegance of a women’s wrist nor too small to get lost on a man’s. It is intended for the bold, modern woman, who does not need an accessory to dictate her femininity. On top of it all, the quartz body is imbued with all the expertise and excellence in Swiss watchmaking associated with Tiffany & Co.

Light up the night in an East West Mini watch with a midnight blue dial and silver numerals, and a blue calf leather strap. Blue hands add just the right touch of quirky confidence to a white dial with gold numerals and black leather strap. The watch with a dial in the coveted

Tiffany blue with silver numerals and a grey strap is for the woman who dares to be different. All three watches also come with a double wrap strap option. Tiffany & Co.’s East West Collection promises unique design and exquisite craftsmanship for watches that not only suit every personality, but also every whim, fancy and occasion. Life is beautiful, indeed.