Up-Close and Personal with Tiffany & Co’s Tiffany HardWear Collection

Let’s talk about Tiffany & Co’s latest stars: Tiffany HardWear. Suffused with the metropolitan spirit of New York and simply dripping with attitude, is it any wonder that everybody’s favourite cool girls have been spotted wearing the collection? Think: Scarlett Johansson, Olivia Wilde, Gal Gadot, Kate Mara, FKA Twigs, Zoe Kravitz… See a pattern here? This is, after all, the designs that Lady Gaga has put her face and reputation to; and with good reason: The range of yellow gold and sterling pieces are highly versatile and ingeniously crafted.

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To celebrate the collection here in Singapore, Tiffany & Co pulled out all the stops for a party that none of their guests could forget. From the welders that sent sparks flying across the night sky, to street artist Jahan Loh‘s graffiti work in progress on a five metre wide wall, to the airbrush tattoo station that encouraged guests to explore their wilder side, the party — held at Portico at Dempsey Road — was the perfect playground in which to explore the Tiffany HardWear universe, as well as the actual pieces (see gallery above for what went down that evening).

If you haven’t had a chance to acquaint yourself with the collection, we suggest you do so at a Tiffany boutique pronto for these 3 simple reasons:

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Tiffany & Co Hardwear collection

1. Tiffany HardWear Yellow gold Graduated Chain Link earrings, $8,200 2. Tiffany HardWear Silver Ball Hook earrings, $515 3. Tiffany HardWear Yellow gold Link earrings, $6,550 4. Tiffany HardWear Silver Ball ring (15.75mm), $345 5. Tiffany HardWear Yellow gold Wrap bracelet, $10,600 6. Tiffany HardWear Silver Ball Dangle ring, $685 7. Tiffany HardWear Yellow gold Ball Hook earrings, $2,050 8. Tiffany HardWear Yellow gold Large Link bracelet, $9,850 9. Tiffany HardWear Yellow gold Ball ring (12mm), $1,900 10. Tiffany HardWear Silver Bead Cuff, $675 11. Tiffany HardWear Yellow gold Wrap necklace, $18,800 12. Tiffany HardWear Yellow gold Ball Dangle ring, $2,900 13. Tiffany HardWear Yellow gold Triple Drop earrings, $4,100 14. Tiffany HardWear Yellow gold Graduated Link necklace, $15,600

  1. 1. Cool and Chic

This collection was made with the modern woman in mind and fans of the jeweller’s Tiffany T collection will find themselves falling in love all over again. In fact, this collection could be seen as a natural evolution of the former: Whereas T was fill with sleek angles inspired by the city’s famed architecture, HardWear is all about the curves with sensual, rounded lines dominating the industrial-chic designs. The collections are complementary to each other and fit into any urbane wardrobe with such ease, you’ll wonder how you ever did without them.

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  1. 2. Statement Versatility

Classic yet edgy, sophisticated yet rebellious, the designs are bold enough to be worn by themselves or piled on with other baubles of your choosing. It’s style versatility at its best, thanks to minimalist looks coupled with the collection’s signature ball, chain and lock motifs. Stylishly simple yet daringly eye-catching, the motifs could almost be taken as an empowering statement; a personal motto of how a woman is chained to no one, and nothing, but herself.

  1. 3. Style with Intelligence

Much like the Tiffany T collection, this range of baubles was designed with a host of ingenious features that make it a standout collection: Chain necklaces with graduated links that weigh it down at the front so that you never have to readjust it; clasps remain hidden unless you know what to look out for; drop earrings that can be worn in two different ways, depending on how you place its links… this is truly a collection that begs to be played with. And once you’ve done that, you’ll be back for more.

Actress @Gal_Gadot in Tiffany jewelry at the Wonder Woman movie premiere.

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By Charmaine Ho

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