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Keeping track of time in our fast-moving, ever-changing world is no easy task, so why not treat yourself to a special timepiece and do it in style? From the latest releases to the coolest collabs, we round up the newest and hottest from the world of watches.

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Chopard is taking a major step towards sustainable luxury by becoming the first luxury Maison to use recycled steel for its watches. Lucent Steel, so named because of its soft sheen, is a steel alloy composed of at least 80 percent recycled steel. It will be used in all its steel watches, bracelets and cases by the end of 2023. The watchmaker is also targeting to increase the recycled steel content used in its production to at least 90 percent by 2025.

This will enable them to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions linked to steel production by up to 40 percent. To reiterate their commitment, Chopard is the first luxury brand to join the Climate Group’s SteelZero initiative to speed up the transition to net zero steel.

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Although the amount of steel used in the watchmaking industry is relatively small compared to other sectors such as construction, Chopard believes every little bit counts. Since pledging to use responsibly-sourced gold in 2013, the company has completely switched to using ethical gold for its watches and jewellery by 2018.


In the latest ad campaign for Chanel’s J12 watch, “It’s All About Seconds”, a star-studded cast that includes Margot Robbie, Penelope Cruz, Ali MacGraw, Zhou Xun and Kim Go Eun, spill the beans on pivotal moments in their lives.

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As we listen to the actresses recount their personal stories and life lessons learned—from how long it takes to fall in love to what they would say to their younger self—we are reminded that a decision or choice made in a fleeting second can make a momentous impact. Adorning the wrists of the actresses are the latest J12 timepieces in the 33mm size, in black or white ceramic.