From left: Pink gold and diamond Traditionnelle Tourbillon watch; pink gold Traditionnelle Tourbillon Chronograph watch. (Photo: Vacheron Constantin)

After the year we’ve had, we all deserve a little extra pizzazz in our festivities. Even watchmakers like Vacheron Constantin are getting in the mood, channelling the spontaneity and light-hearted nature of Pop Art to remind us that its watches, while venerated in horological circles for being the paragon of seriousness, are also built to bring delight and surprise to its wearer. 

One of the ways the manufacture has done this is through breaking convention. The Fiftysix collection was launched in 2018 as a more relaxed and retro-leaning alternative to the elegant but austere offerings we’ve come to expect — and love! — from the brand. The sector-style dial  (inspired by a model from 1956 and popular in that decade) and the modern Arabic numerals give the watch a laidback quality, but retains its precious aura by way of a 18k pink gold case. 

Of course, if we’re talking about life imitating art, visual appeal is paramount. And models like the Patrimony Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin are an example of how watchmaking is as much an art as it is a craft. A perpetual calendar’s complexity often leads to intimidatingly complicated dials, but this Patrimony provides all the information — date, day of the week, months, leap year, and moon phase — in a highly legible and utterly classic format. 

liven up your year-end gifting with Vacheron Constantin's collection of sublime tickers.
From left: Pink gold Patrimony Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin watch; pink gold Patrimony Manual-Winding watch. (Photo: Vacheron Constantin)

That same attention to detail can be found in its women’s watches, too. The Egerie collection brings the delicacy and grace of haute couture into haute horlogerie with a dial that is reminiscent of the pleats on gowns and dresses. Charmingly unusual touches, like a moonstone-topped crown at 2 o’clock and a similarly off-centred diamond-set date indicator make the Egerie Self-Winding a stunning accessory, and one that comes with easily interchangeable straps. 

Traditionelle Tourbillon, Egerie Self-Winding
From left: Pink gold, mother-of-pearl and diamond Traditionnelle Tourbillon watch; pink gold and diamond Égérie Self-Winding watch. (Photo: Vacheron Constantin)

But really, the best way to start the year with some pop and bang is to share the goodness. Have a Patrimony Retrograde Day-Date? Then give her a Patrimony Manual-winding in the same lustrous pink gold case. Or consider Vacheron’s Constantin’s first tourbillon for women, the 39mm Traditionelle Tourbillon with diamond-set bezel and mother-of-pearl dial, and present a 42.5mm Traditionnelle Tourbillon Chronograph to someone who appreciates technical finesse as much as you do. 

If you need to get in the mood, put on Vacheron Constantin’s “Pop Into The New Year!” playlist on Spotify for fun and upbeat beats to take you into 2022.

Patrimony Retrograde Day-date; Patrimony Manual-Winding
From left: Pink gold Patrimony Retrograde Day-date watch; pink gold Patrimony Manual-Winding watch. (Photo: Vacheron Constantin)

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