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In a world where luxury goods evoke a sense of tradition and legacy, Louis Vuitton’s latest foray into the wearable tech market may be the ultimate antithesis to an industry conventionally characterised by its timelessness. The luxury fashion house is debuting its first smart watch, the Tambour Horizon, which seamlessly combines the elegance and grace of its iconic Tambour (first introduced in 2002!) with the swiftness and velocity of the wearable tech space.

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True to its roots as the ideal brand for the contemporary globe-trotter, the Tambour Horizon is made in conjunction with Google and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., with a timepiece conceived in Paris operating via technology developed in California’s Silicon Valley. More importantly, the unisex watch can be used anywhere across the world, including China, and comes with several exclusive functions that aim to revolutionise the travel experience for its wearer.

Chief of these features is the “My Flight” function, which allows wearers to consolidate all of their flight information — from terminal and gate information to flight times — into a single app. The second exclusive function, “City Guide”, provides the wearer with a Vuitton-curated list of hotels, landmarks and restaurants via intelligent geo-location in real time. In addition to this, the Tambour Horizon does everything a regular smart watch can do, from sending text messages to receiving phone calls.

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Loyal fans of the brand will recognize the distinctive concave bezel of the Tambour Moon design, which frames a multitude of interchangeable watch faces and dials — to go with the 60 readily detachable straps consumers can choose from.

With its unparalleled capacity for personalization and comprehensive user interface, the Tambour Horizon is well worth its hefty price tag — starting at USD2,511 for the case and USD303 for a strap.

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By Gerald WH Tan