Patek Philippe Calatrava
Patek Philippe Calatrava

When it comes to watches, there is arguably no other brand that garners as much collective respect or admiration than Patek Philippe. The Manufacture has been producing watches continuously since the days of its infancy in 1839, all the while chalking up a considerable number of ground-breaking horology inventions to its illustrious name. From the world’s first perpetual calendar wristwatch in 1925, to the invention of the annual calendar in 1996, Patek Philippe’s extensive contributions to the world of horology have led to it being regarded as more than a company that produces beautiful watches. Instead, it’s an Institution that has played a major role within the annals of watch history – and one that continues to do so with an unwavering focus on presenting boundary-pushing technology and innovation with exceptional poise and beauty.

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It’s of little wonder, then, that timepieces by the brand are highly sought after by collectors and coveted by almost everyone else with an opinion on watches—especially so when it’s a Calatrava, which remains one of the brand’s most emblematic (and beloved) designs.

The quintessence of the ultimate dress watch that melds aristocratic good looks with stature and discernment, the Calatrava was introduced in 1932 and designed in accordance to the Bauhaus principle: The watch’s minimalist, pared down looks run consistent to the movement’s philosophy where form follows function. The results? A true timeless classic that one can, indeed, hand over to the next generation with utmost pride.

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Available at The Hour Glass, here’s what you need to know about Patek Philippe’s Calatrava:

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Patek Philippe is available at the following The Hour Glass boutiques: #01-02 Takashimaya S.C., Tel: 6734 2420; Tang Plaza, Tel: 6235 7198; #01-07/08 One Raffles Place, Tel: 6534 5855; and Malmasion by The Hour Glass at Knightsbridge, Tel: 6884 8484