Artistic Flair

Swatch’s collaboration with Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam sees three new models being added to its beloved portofolio, and they’re designs that any artistic soul can get behind. From the puffy blue clouds on the Dutch Skies model, to the “selfie” collage of Pink & Versa, or the highly distinctive garden-inspired Lady Buzz (shown here), they’re conversation starters that are as playful as they are stylish. For an even bolder statement, juxtapose the prints against the clean metallic hues of Swatch’s Ashbayang collection.

Artistic Flair
From left: Plastic Lady Buzz watch; plastic Askbayang watch, Swatch. Jacket, Tory Burch. Skirt, Michael Michael Kors. Bag, Braun Büffel. T-shirt, stylist’s own

Photographed by Ching Lee
Styled by Hannah Akbar

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