zodiac gemstones
White gold, ruby and diamond Liens earrings, Chaumet


December 22 – January 19

Gemstone: Ruby

How lucky for the Capricorn that it gets what is generally considered the most powerful of all gemstones. It’s a stone of love—which suits Capricorn’s flirtatious yet careful nature—and vitality, restoring the energy and strength levels of the hard-working earth sign. It also enhances confidence, courage and mental well-being and can counter the Capricorn’s melancholic disposition. Wear the stone on your left hand to receive the optimal benefits of the stone and place it under your pillow for good sleep. But proceed with caution if you have a hypersensitive nature as you might be discomforted by the stone’s strong energy.

Other associated gems: Black onyx, garnet and agate

zodiac gemstones
Platinum, yellow gold, Mandarin garnet and diamond Marquesa cocktail ring, Harry Winston


January 20 – February 18

Gemstone: Garnet

Open-mindedness, great intellect and truth-seeking are traits that are most associated with this air sign. As such, Aquarians tend to live very much in their heads, making the garnet—which stands for purity and truth, love and compassion—the stone for them. Used in ancient times as a talisman for its curative and protective energies, garnets are said to have the ability to ground wandering minds to reality and promote success in business. It’s also known to have a stabilising effect on relationships (something that is also important to the amicable Aquarian), while enhancing sensuality, popularity and beauty. Who could say no to that?

Other associated gems: Sugilite, amethyst, moss agate and opal

zodiac gemstones
Pink gold, amethyst, pearl, spinel, emerald, ruby and diamond High Jewellery necklace, Bulgari


February 19 – March 20

Gemstone: Amethyst

As mutable as the element that this water sign belongs to, Pisceans thrive in creative, artistic fields that allow them to dream. Yet, the sensitive Piscean is also known to have an energy-absorbing nature that would greatly benefit from having an amethyst around them. Known for its calming properties on the mind and body, amethysts instil a sober mind and temper excess emotions or overindulgence. Plus, they repel negative vibes that Pisceans (and anyone else) could do without. Think of it as nature’s
very own Prozac in mineral form and put it under your pillow for pleasant dreams.

Other associated gems: Jade, aquamarine, bloodstone, rock crystal and sapphire

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zodiac gemstones
White gold and diamond My Precious Time watch, Harry Winston


March 21 – April 19

Gemstone: Diamond

Created from carbon that has gone through intense heat and pressure over a prolonged period of time, the diamond’s hardy nature (it is the hardest of all gemstones) makes it the perfect companion for the resilient Aries. A natural born leader with ample physical energy, courage and self-reliance, this fire sign could do with a diamond’s energy that propels them to persevere through challenges and pursue their goals. Seen as a symbol of purity and clarity, diamonds enhance an Arian’s ability to think clearly, while the stone’s association with wealth is said to attract abundance in other areas of life as well. Any surprise that it’s a girl’s best friend?

Other associated gems: Bloodstone, jasper, ruby, carnelian and garnet

zodiac gemstones
White gold, emerald and diamond Red Carpet Collection earrings, Chopard


April 20 – May 20

Gemstone: Emerald

Taurus has a somewhat unfair reputation for being stubborn, inflexible and, well… bullish. Yet, there is another side to this earth sign. Taureans are responsible and stable individuals who make reliable friends and devoted partners. What more appropriate for them, then, than a stone that is known as the stone of abundant love? Emeralds stand as a symbol of hope and renewal, and they foster creativity and connection. Taureans who need to tap into their battle-ready side for a combative situation will do well to wear emeralds for protection, and a boost of self-esteem and cerebral faculties such as intelligence, memory, communication and intuition.

Other associated gems: Rose quartz, turquoise, blood coral and sapphire

zodiac gemstones
White gold, agate, onyx, obsidian, emerald and diamond Panthère Mystérieuse pendant watch, Cartier


May 21 – June 20

Gemstone: Agate

Symbolising the zodiac’s twins, it’s befitting that Geminis are known to have enough energy and personality for two. This is where agate’s calming and stabilising effects can come into play. Streaked with bands of colours that suit the air sign’s multi-faceted character, the stone brings harmony to the sign’s split personality (or yin and yang) and binds it into a unifying whole. It also protects against the energy drains that a Gemini tends to experience, bringing a balance to fluctuating emotions and energy. Be sure to pack it on your travels as it’s said to offer protection against mishaps, especially of the road traffic variety. Road trip anyone?

Other associated gems: Citrine, chrysoprase, pearl, moonstone and white sapphire

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zodiac gemstones

Platinum, moonstone, sapphire and diamond Tiffany butterfly brooch, Tiffany & Co.


June 21 – July 22

Gemstone: Moonstone

It should come as no surprise that the moonstone is Cancer’s gemstone, considering the water sign’s planetary ruler is the moon. Beloved for its pearl-like sheen that seems to move with life, moonstones are often regarded as gems that aid self-reflection and personal growth, while boosting intuition and inspiration. It’s also known as a gem for lovers, which makes it perfect for a Cancerian’s tendency to love deeply and devotedly. Give a moonstone to your lover when it’s a full moon and it’s said you’ll always have passion with that person. So think carefully before giving this stone away or it may give rise to a bit of awkwardness in the future.

Other associated gems: Pearl, emerald and ruby

zodiac gemstones

Pink gold, green tourmaline, chrysoberyl, spinel, spessartite garnet, aquamarine, tourmaline and diamond Granville ring, Dior


July 23 – August 22

Gemstone: Tourmaline

Passionate, generous and humorous, this fire sign is a creature of the heart, which makes the tourmaline (known for its heart-healing properties) just the stone for this fire sign. Available in a variety of colours, lucky Leos are able to turn to different hues for different properties. Pink tourmaline helps alleviate stress, depression and anxiety, while green inspires creativity and attracts luck and success. Couple all this with the stone’s ability to help focus the mind and tourmalines serve as great complements to a Leo’s inclination to lead. If they find themselves surrounded by negative energies (especially people who gripe unconstructively), then it’s black tourmaline that will do the trick.

Other associated gems: Carnelian, sardonyx, onyx and golden topaz

zodiac gemstones
White gold, sapphire and diamond Signature de Saphir ring, Chanel


August 23 – September 22

Gemstone: Blue Sapphire

Sapphires are available in a myriad of colours but it’s the blue variety that is most valuable. This works out well for Virgos as it’s a colour that’s most associated with the earth sign. A stone of wisdom, prophecy and divinity, sapphires encourage open-mindedness and have the ability to lift moods, which balances Virgos’ tendency to be overly critical and conservative. There is a caution though: Blue sapphires can bring about an adverse effect. So it’s best to try out a stone for at least a week before deciding if it’s suited to you. If it is, it’ll bring the mentally agile Virgo health, wealth and happiness.

Other associated gems: Jasper, carnelian, jade and moss agate

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zodiac gemstones
White gold, lapis lazuli, turquoise, onyx, emerald and diamond Perroquets clip, Van Cleef & Arpels


September 23 – October 22

Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli

Highly prized for its deep, intense hue, lapis lazuli stands for wisdom, truth and good judgement, making it an excellent stone for Libras who require clear communication skills in their work. And those are not the only benefits of the speckled blue stone. It’s also one for friendship and harmonious relationships—something that the highly sociable air sign can appreciate. So the next time you’re feeling disconnected from friends or loved ones, wear a lapis lazuli. It boosts intuition, clarity and self-awareness, while strengthening connections that mean much to you. If anything else, it’ll garner you lasting recognition in your chosen field. Plus, it’s so pretty.

Other associated gems: Opal, emerald, rose quartz and peridot (chrysolite)

zodiac gemstones
White gold, aquamarine, sapphire and diamond Hopi ring, Boucheron


October 23 – November 21

Gemstone: Aquamarine

In days of yore, aquamarines were believed to quieten wagging, gossipy tongues while bringing about feelings of peace and serenity. These are traits that will come in especially handy when the passionate Scorpio is faced with a situation that evokes distrust and jealousy. Its relaxing energy also soothes the Scorpio’s intense emotions and allows them to speak objectively in trying situations, bringing heightened awareness, clear insights and a sense of calmness to the table. A fiercely loyal and courageous individual, this water sign will benefit from the stone’s ability to enhance compromise and negotiations—admirable traits that we could all use more of.

Other associated gems: Black obsidian, topaz, beryl, Apache Tear and coral

zodiac gemstones
Pink gold, turquoise, emerald and diamond Secrets & Lights – A Mythical Journey necklace, Piaget


November 22 – December 21

Gemstone: Turquoise

Turquoise has long been touted as man’s oldest stone, having been used as a talisman by royalty, shamans and warriors since the age of antiquity. For travel-loving Sagittarians, the centaur of the zodiac, the stone works to protect and spark journeys, while tempering the fire sign’s tendency to be over-optimistic and to over-promise. (Turquoises are, after all, stones of communication that enhance eloquence and creativity as well as honesty.) It’s a stone that is said to take on the characteristics of its owner. For the Sagittarius, this means turquoises will amplify their humorous and generous good nature, as long as they keep their impetuousness in check.

Other associated gems: Topaz, sapphire, amethyst

By Charmaine Ho

The article originally appeared in the January 2017 issue of Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore.