Kitchari cleanse
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Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. It was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India and is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. One of the key focuses of Ayurveda is the digestive tract because when our digestive system isn’t functioning properly we are more susceptible to disease and illness. In fact, our gut health plays an important role in the physical, mental and emotional state of our bodies, which is why kitchari (a traditional cleansing food of Ayurveda) is given to all Ayurvedic patients. It’s easy to digest, giving their systems a break to restore and heal themselves.

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Mmmmm😋….Kitchari! 🍲🌿 #detoxify #cleanse . Did you know this Ayurvedic meal is one of the most ancient forms of detox? It originated in India 5000 years ago…but is regaining popularity. . Eating nothing but this delicious #kitchari for 3 consecutive days is a phenomenal way to cleanse your system while also nourishing your body. Bonus…you don’t go hungry!! . The recipe I use is a little different from the traditional…quinoa instead of rice, coconut oil instead of ghee, and the addition of Kombu (a Japanese sea vegetable that aids in digestion…also allowing the mung beans to be easier digested). . MONO-MEALING: Eating a certain food for a specific amount of time. You body is less confused.🌀It doesn’t need to continually adjust to digesting different types of foods. Secretes the same enzymes and acids. Less work, more healing. . GUT HEALTH: Kitchari both cleanses toxins from the body AND strengthens digestion. In Ayurveda, digestion is a fire🔥(Agni) that must burn strong for us to breakdown food and utilize it for energy. Kitchari allows digestion to rest and heal. With 80% of our daily energy expenditure going toward our digestion…this 3-day rest allows our body a chance to heal, restore, and flourish. The cleanse can def continue for much longer than 3 days…but it’s a great start!. . SEASONAL CHANGES: It’s a perfect time to give your body a reboot before we enter the next environmental phase. Temperature shifts have a HUGE impact on our bodies…which is why many people tend to get sick during seasonal/temperature changes. Time to strengthen immunity.🌿 . . ✨At my #blissfullybalancedretreat next month, we will be partaking in a Kitchari cleanse over the weekend together(all food included!)! #heckyes . If you’re looking for some accountability, love, and support in making some incredible life changes for yourself, join me there! (Link in Bio)✨ . . You deserve a Blissfully Balanced life, eh?🌺 Reach out to me to get on the Wait List and be the first to Register. Wish everyone could come, but there is limited space!✨ . . All the good vibes your way.💙😘 #holisticcrews . . . 📸: by @realandvibrant Recipe by the incredible @iamsahararose

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Kitchari is basically a mix of rice, lentils, spices, ghee, and quick-cooking legumes like mung beans. The mung beans are blood purifying and provide protein and nutrients to nourish the body. The rice is easily digestible, while the warming spices add fire to our bellies and the ghee is said to lubricate the system allowing for a smooth passage of digestion. During a kitchari cleanse you should eat a bowl of kitchari three times a day for three to five days. You should also drink warm, herbal teas and water throughout the day and get plenty of rest and take time for self care (think oil massage, warm baths, yoga and meditation).

If you want to try the cleanse out for yourself, check out the video below from Alyssa Rimmer (also known as @simplyquinoa) on how to make kitchari at home. However, it is recommend you swap out the coconut oil for ghee and avoid using vegetable stock for the best results.

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