Fiona Fussi and Hanli Hoefer Dior Forever
Fiona Fussi and Hanli Hoefer wearing Dior Forever

Individually, Hanli Hoefer and Fiona Fussi are everywhere. You see Hanli, the 26-year-old Peranakan-German model-VJ-DJ, on MTV Asia and hear her on the radio talking about everything from pop culture to lifestyle trends like the Celery Juice Trend; while 23-year-old Austrian-Chinese model-actress, Fiona, can be spotted across brand campaigns and storefronts, every once in a while displaying her singing chops on Instagram. Together, the two are really good friends who spend quality time that isn’t always on social media (but always fun), and stand out of the crowd not just with their striking dispositions but with their eloquence, active lifestyles and glowing inner beauty as well.

With the busy lives they lead, most of which is spent in front of the camera, beautiful skin is more important than ever—and the two couldn’t agree on this more. “We all know good skin is the base for good makeup,” says Fiona, who loves foundation like Dior Forever Skin Glow that allows her to tweak coverage that stays luminous, and nourishes skin all at once. Hanli, on the other hand, has combination-oily skin, which Dior Forever‘s matte foundation formula manages to keep satiny smooth all day long.

These are the latest iterations of the iconic Forever fluid foundation, which for years was touted as a cult favourite for its high-perfection, long-wearing formula. Today, the updated Dior Forever not only boasts extended 24-hour comfortable wear and eight versatile shades, it now comes with an extra finish: Dior Forever Skin Glow, so women can choose between matte or dewy depending on their skin type, lifestyle and the occasion. What’s taken these skin-perfectors to a whole other level are new structural agents that deliver seamless adherence to skin, veiling skin with film-like elasticity; and increased stability against heat or humidity, ensuring foundation stays put without oxidising. An added—and valuable—bonus is that these formulas are fortified with skin-loving ingredients like pansy extract, which locks in hydration so skin remains plump all day, as well as rose fruit extract, an anti-pollution protector against external aggressors that also works on pores to reduce excess sebum, dryness or loss of firmness.

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dior forever hanli hoefer fiona fussi singapore beauty
Dior Forever and Dior Forever Skin Glow comes in eight shades

Approximately seven years after their first shoot with each other, we put these BFFs through a tiny test of friendship—to find out how they met, their complementary (and clashing) traits, and habits, most of which are good ones, like healthy dates and a simple but gorgeous beauty routine—and it’s impressive how their answers truly align.

What role does foundation play in your makeup routine?
Hanli: I have combination oily skin, so I try to go makeup-free when I can. But when the foundation comes out, you know things are about to get serious. Friday nights usually call for full glam and so do shoots, and I’m often working infront of the camera so a good, long-lasting foundation that still lets my skin breathe is ideal.
Fiona: I actually really like foundation—I like being able to play with it, so I’m always reaching for the most flexible, blendable formulas.

Having tried the Dior Forever foundations, what do you love?
Hanli: I like how the Dior Forever foundation stays matte without compromising my skin texture. It doesn’t crack nor create a cakey finish like most matte products, a feat considering the humidity here!
Fiona: I like that the Dior Forever Skin Glow is a medium-to-full foundation, perfect for the days I want more coverage. Also, it gives a nice glowy sheen and keeps my skin hydrated!

What are tips to using foundation to enhance rather than conceal?
Fiona: I think good skin is underrated. We all know good skin is the base to good makeup, and should put in as much as effort in using good skincare as you do good makeup. I’m used to mixing foundation with moisturiser quite a lot to get nice dewy and evened out complexion on lighter days. But with the Dior Forever I already get that glow and hydration, so I just start light with a damp beauty blender and build up when I need to.
Hanli: Contrary to what’s on social media, you really don’t need to paint foundation on. The trick is to always prime your skin and start with a little product on areas you need to even out, then build from there. And always wet your beauty blenders.

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Hanli Hoefer in Dior Forever N3, which has a satin-matte finish
Hanli Hoefer in Dior Forever N3. Offering a satin-matte finish, this updated formula comprises spherical powders for smooth application and absorbant beads that neutralises shine, so that the velvety texture stays comfortable for 24-hours.

What does the word “Forever” mean to you?
Fiona: To stand the test of time, against all odds.
Hanli: I think “forever” is a feeling, when you find something that speaks to you, that’s real and genuine. So that no matter what, whatever you feel around it is everlasting.

What in life do you wish could last forever?
Our environment. I wish for nature, and the coral reefs, to be around for much, much longer. The small big things.
Fiona: Love, and my favourite television shows.

Speaking of forever, when and how did you BFFs first meet?
Hanli: Fiona and I went to the same school, but we never actually met because she’s four years my junior. However, my friends would sometimes point out a girl saying we looked alike, and it was Fiona. We officially met as models shooting a campaign together in 2011. But who knows, we could’ve been friends much earlier! We’ve worked on many fun collaborations since, and travel together too—highlights are Wonderfruit 2018 and our friend Liv Lo’s wedding in Sarawak 2013.

What do you two do together, off duty?
Fiona: When we’re not working out together, we’re either doing coffee or eating at a new place in town. We like healthy dates the most!

Describe your similarities and differences, and how they somehow click.
Hanli: We both are in constant search of meaningful things and experiences, and love discussing plans, ideas and dreams. We have an older-younger sister relationship so our differences come in experiences, and how we react to them. I see myself in her, and while I do advise her I also want her to learn from her own experiences, so I just make sure to always be there for her whenever she needs me. Maybe it’s the age gap, but she lifts me up and I can ground her, it’s all a fine balance.
Fiona: We first gravitated towards each other because of our similarities, like school, career path and mixed heritage. But then we discovered how we shared very similar values and goals, and it grew into a little sister-older sister relationship. We’re very real with one another, and call each other out on mistakes as much as we advise and support each other. We balance each other well in terms of hardness and softness.

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dior forever hanli hoefer fiona fussi singapore beauty
Fiona Fussi in Dior Forever Skin Glow N1. Offering a glowing second-skin finish, this is formulated with lightweight oils that increase glide-on application and sensoriality without any greasy feeling, while hydrating agents add skin-plumping luminosity and radiant powder boosts light reflection.

If you could come up with a nickname for your friendship, what would it be and why?
Hanli: Sometimes the best nick names are the ones that are straight to the point. When Fi and I are together being silly, having a laugh and just being in the moment, I feel like we have a glow to us. So I guess, The Girls Who Glow? Is that too corny? Because I’m low key cringing but it’s true. Haha!
Fiona: I’d say #Haniona or #Fionli hahaha! Maybe others can come up with better ones for us!

Dior Forever Foundation Fiona Fussi Hanli Hoefer Harper's BAZAAR Singapore
Limited Edition Dior Forever Perfect Cushion, $90, Dior

In addition to the two new foundations comes the limited edition Dior Forever Perfect Cushion. Think the same skin-perfecting formula with protecting UVA-UVB filters that leave skin fresh and radiant, but in an ultra chic studded Dior cannage compact. It’s the perfect accessory for stylish touch-ups on the go.

The new Dior Forever and Dior Forever Skin Glow, $85 each, and the Limited Edition Dior Forever Perfect Cushion, $90, are available now at all Dior counters

Photographer: Gan
Creative Director: Windy Aulia
Stylist: Gracia Phang
Producer: Dana Koh
Makeup: Han Chew, member of the Dior Beauty Pro Team
Hair: Marc Teng
Manicure: Audrey Wee
Styling assistants: Rachel Chan, Jasmine Chua
Photography assistants: Samsidi Baderi, Loy Kok Wee