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Innovative make-up artist Trish McEvoy has been changing the face of beauty since founding her company in the mid-70s. Taking a timeless approach to make-up over chasing trends, she’s an authority on the power of products whatever your age. We asked her how to use them for youth-boosting effect, and her tips are genius. “As you age you lose the definition of your features,” McEvoy says. “To look younger, bring back the definition.” Here’s how:

1. Your eyes

“When you are young your lashes are thick and close together, which makes the eyes look bigger, and defines their shape. As we age, the lash line becomes less visible, because the lashes are sparser. The solution here is to give the illusion of lashes that are close together – you get this with the invisible eye lining technique also known as a ‘tight line’ [where you apply eyeliner to the upper waterline]. This creates the illusion of fuller lashes by going where mascara can’t. I also use an eyelash curler to open the eye before applying mascara.”

“When addressing under-eye concerns, try applying brightening concealer in an upside-down triangle, that’s what I call my ‘Triangle of Light’ technique, and blend it in. This not only corrects darkness but the shape of the application enhances the cheekbone while adding light and fullness to the centre of the face for a fresher, lifted look.”

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2. Your brows

“Eyebrows are important, many women over-tweeze or have technicians remove too much hair. That, plus loss of colour on the brows as we age, takes away from the frame. A younger brow is a fuller brow, and a brow that has an even tone.

“To achieve this look, use brow mascara, to define and build the brow, and define with a pencil, to frame the face and give the effect of a full brow.”

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3. Your lips

“To bring back the look of fuller lips–which deflate as we age–proper hydration is a must. First, hydrate the lip with a balm texture, like my Lip Perfector, and then apply a moisture based lip colour in a slightly lighter tone to your own lip colour. Light tones make the lips look fuller, dark tones make the lips look smaller. Look for blue-based, pink tones, as these will make your teeth lighter versus a colour that has an orange base which will make your teeth more yellow in tone. Finally, line your lips after lipstick. This is a technique that perfects your lip colour while softly defining the shape of the lips.”

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From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK