From innovative foundations offering flawless coverage to trailblazing mascaras delivering unparalleled volume, each product has earned its accolade on this list of the best makeup in 2023 through rigorous testing by the BAZAAR team and a panel of esteemed judges from the beauty industry. As we unveil the celebrated products of this year, we delve into what makes them not just winners, but trendsetters in the world of beauty, marking a new era of cosmetic excellence.


1) Primer
2) Foundation
3) Powder
4) Blusher
5) Highlighter
6) Concealer
7) Eye Makeup
8) Lip Makeup

Best Makeup Primer – Hydrating

Winner: Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow, $88 for 40ml, YSL Beauty

YSL Beauty‘s Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow emerges as a standout, marrying the worlds of skincare and makeup. This lightweight moisturiser is crafted to blur imperfections while priming the skin, setting the stage for a flawless makeup application. Its smooth formula effortlessly hydrates, leaving the skin with a soft-focused, even glow. When used alone, it enhances the natural luminosity of the skin, subtly perfecting its appearance. Paired with foundation, it ensures a long-lasting, impeccable finish. Additionally, its versatility allows for reapplication over makeup during the day, maintaining that fresh, just-applied look.

Best Makeup Primer – Mattifying

Winner: Strawberry BHA Pore-Smooth Blur Drops, $51 for 30ml, Glow Recipe

Redefining matte finish with a unique satin glow, the latest innovation from Glow Recipe introduces a fresh approach to blurring and refining pores. The Strawberry BHA Pore-Smooth Blur Drops blend the efficacy of skincare with the enhancing qualities of a primer, creating a ‘satin pillow skin’ effect – a luminous, softly-focused complexion. This formula, rich in dual encapsulated BHA, strawberry enzyme, and leaf extract, targets pores for a smoother, more even appearance. Tapioca and rice are included to minimise pores and absorb excess oil, ensuring a balanced texture. Suitable for daily use, even on sensitive skin types, this product combines the joy of a delightful strawberry aroma with the effectiveness of skincare, making refining pores an effortless part of any beauty routine.

Best Makeup Primer – Radiance

Winner: Beyond Radiance Primer, $95 for 30ml, Burberry Beauty

Burberry Beauty‘s Beyond Radiance Primer masterfully blends luminosity with skincare benefits. This exceptional primer delivers a radiant finish, 24-hour hydration, and visible skin improvement over time. Crafted with 96 percent natural-origin ingredients, including reflective pearls, it evens out the complexion with a sophisticated glow. The formula’s 80 percent water-based texture glides on with serum-like hydration, fortified by Vitamin F from safflower oil to strengthen the skin’s barrier. It also offers protection against environmental stressors, thanks to rosa damascena and Darjeeling tea leaf extracts.

Editor’s Choice: Parure Gold 24K, $122 for 35ml, Guerlain

Guerlain redefines the essence of a perfect complexion with its Parure Gold 24K Radiance Boosting Perfection Primer. A blend of 98 percent naturally-derived ingredients, this primer is celebrated for its unique sensory gel texture. The skin becomes an impeccable canvas for makeup, enhancing its application and longevity. Beyond its immediate effects, the primer offers a rejuvenating skincare experience, significantly improving hydration and strengthening the skin’s barrier function. The inclusion of pure 24-karat gold in its signature ingredient list elevates the skin’s natural luminescence, giving it a visibly plumper, more even, and radiant appearance that endures for a full day.

[Editor’s Note]: This primer applies like a hyaluronic acid serum, plumping your skin with hydration and ensuring that foundation adheres and stays put on the skin.

Best Foundation – Sheer/Natural Coverage

Winner: Ambient Soft Glow Foundation, $96 for 30ml, Hourglass

Experience a flawless complexion with a foundation that combines long-lasting coverage and a radiant finish. The Hourglass Ambient Soft Glow Foundation provides 16 hours of medium, buildable coverage; leaving skin with a natural, soft glow. Its formula is enriched with light-diffusing spheres that blur imperfections; creating a smooth, even, and luminous appearance in any light. The fluid texture blends effortlessly for a second-skin finish, ensuring your complexion looks seamless and lit-from-within. Designed to withstand humidity, sweat, and transfer; it also offers blue light protection, making it ideal for daily wear. Its vegan, cruelty-free composition – featuring light-diffusing pigments, blurring spheres, antioxidants, White Tea Extract, and Vitamin E – not only beautifies but also cares for the skin, making it a perfect choice for those seeking both aesthetic and skincare benefits in their makeup routine.

Editor’s Choice: Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF30, $121 for 30ml, RATIONALE

Elevating the morning skincare ritual, the RATIONALE Beautiful Skin Superfluid SPF 30 offers more than just sun protection. This luxurious formulation expertly calms redness, blurs imperfections, and provides skin-perfecting coverage. It harnesses the power of Zinc Fusion Technology to deliver superior solar and environmental defence. Zinc, melanin, and iron oxides work in harmony to reflect light, amplifying the skin’s natural luminosity while safeguarding against solar damage. Available in six skin-adapting tints, the formulation caters to a broad spectrum of skin tones, ensuring a polished, perfected skin finish for every individual.

[Editor’s Note]: It’s truly hard to tell makeup apart from skincare these days. This sheer coverage foundation is akin to a tinted moisturiser and is perfect for days where you need little coverage, but still want some protection against the elements.

Best Foundation – Medium To Full Coverage

Winner: Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, $62 for 32ml, Fenty Beauty

Offering a soft matte finish that endures through heat, sweat, and shine; the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation stands out for its climate-adaptive technology, ensuring a flawless appearance in any setting. Specially designed to absorb oil and reduce shine while resisting humidity and sweat, the foundation maintains a non-drying matte finish. Its light-as-air texture is virtually undetectable on the skin, allowing for a natural look. Originally launched with 40 shades, the range has since been updated to 50 shades to accommodate for a diverse array of skin tones.

Best Foundation – Radiance

Winner: Come Closer Serum Foundation, $129 for 30ml, Orcé Cosmetics

Blending the nurturing properties of a serum with the coverage of a foundation, the Orcé Cosmetics Come Closer Serum Foundation stands out with its skin-first formulation. Dermatologist-tested and approved, it not only enhances the appearance of the skin instantly but also promises visible improvement over time. Specifically crafted to match Asian complexions, the shades are developed from real-life skin tones, ensuring a flawless match. The foundation is infused with Tahitian Pearl, Evodia Rutaecarpa, and hyaluronic acid, which collectively work to optimise skin health.

Best Foundation – Hydrating

Winner: Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation Balm, $64 for 10g, KVD Beauty

The KVD Beauty Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation Balm captured the attention of both beauty TikTokers and our judges with its unique, lightweight full coverage and natural finish. Ideal for effortlessly covering everything from blemishes to discolouration and even tattoos, it achieves a non-cakey, flashback-free result. It nourishes the skin while minimising the appearance of pores, leaving the skin looking smooth and healthy. Additionally, its non-comedogenic nature ensures it won’t block pores. Key ingredients like apple extract and Sodium Hyaluronate work together to both nourish and hydrate the skin, making it a multifaceted choice for a flawless complexion.

Best Foundation – Mattifying

Winner: Beyond Wear Perfecting Matte Foundation, $90 for 30ml, Burberry Beauty

Whether you’re aiming for medium or full coverage, the Burberry Beauty Beyond Wear Perfecting Matte Foundation delivers a natural matte finish and exceptional comfort. On top of combining the mattifying effects of bamboo powder with the hydrating properties of silk-cotton tree flower extract, it is also rich in antioxidants and anti-pollution elements from rosa damascena and Darjeeling tea leaf extract to offer robust protection against environmental stressors. Inspired by the fabric of the iconic Burberry trench coat, its Trench Protect Technology ensures 24-hour wear, actively caring for the skin while protecting against water, humidity, sweat, and heat. Its buildable, breathable formula hydrates the skin, evens out the complexion, and blurs pores. The creamy texture blends seamlessly, offering all-day, stay-true colour and weather-resistant protection, encapsulating the essence of luxury and performance in one product.

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Best Foundation – Mineral

Winner: Plein Air Complexion Balm, $154 for 40ml, Hermès Beauty

The Plein Air Complexion Balm from Hermès Beauty offers a refreshing approach to skin enhancement. It swathes the skin in a weightless veil of sheer colour, imparting a radiant, natural finish that endures impeccably for up to eight hours. Skin appears instantly even, translucent, and is simultaneously hydrated, enhanced, and protected. Adjustable in coverage, the balm’s 12 translucent shades are designed to adapt seamlessly to a range of skin tones. Its texture is both melting and enveloping, ensuring a smooth application that contours effortlessly to the face. The formula is enriched with a hyaluronic acid complex for sustained hydration, evening primrose oil, and Baikal skullcap to protect against external aggressors and pollution. Additionally, it includes a mineral-only sunscreen offering SPF 30/PA+++ protection.

Best Long-Lasting Foundation

Winner: Eternité De Beauté, $105 for 30ml, Gucci Beauty

Gucci Beauty‘s Éternité de Beauté is a foundation that redefines long-lasting coverage. Its innovative formula offers full coverage with just one drop, yet feels weightless, breathable, and comfortable on the skin. Its unique combination of high-skin affinity powders and coated pigments, blended with ultra-performant polymer technology, ensures 24-hour wear with no transfer. The foundation remains impeccable throughout the day, resisting fading, budging, and the challenges of masks and sweat. Infused with hyaluronic acid and black rose oil, it boosts and maintains skin hydration, while bamboo powder controls shine. This foundation masterfully balances a luminous matte finish, blurring pores and imperfections for an even complexion that retains a natural glow. The result is a beautifully matte yet radiant appearance that feels as good as it looks, perfect for those seeking both enduring coverage with matte finish.

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Best Tinted Moisturiser

Winner: Dream Skin Tint, $52 for 30g, Romi Beauty

The ROMI Beauty Dream Skin Tint is a versatile multitasker, combining the benefits of a tinted moisturiser and sun shield. Its light and airy formula offers sheer, breathable coverage that melts seamlessly into the skin, evening out skin tone while providing a luminous, dewy finish that lasts all day. SPF50+ ensures robust protection against harmful UV rays, preventing premature skin ageing and darkening. Infused with niacinamide, it hydrates, brightens, and evens out skin tone, while Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract soothes and protects with its antioxidant properties. The addition of prebiotics and probiotics balances the skin microbiome, promoting a healthy skin barrier. Sea Buckthorn Water enhances hydration and promotes skin elasticity, fading hyperpigmentation for smoother, more even-toned skin. Squalane penetrates deep to strengthen the skin barrier, balancing oil production and promoting collagen formation for firmer, glowing skin. Lastly, Vitamin E offers environmental protection, strengthens the skin’s barrier, and calms sensitive areas. This Dream Skin Tint truly lives up to its name, providing a dream-like skin finish while nurturing and protecting the skin.

Best BB Cream

Winner: Derma Radiance Essence BB, $61 for 50ml, Lavien

Infused with 71 percent essence, including 280 Dalton collagen, peptides, and amino acids, the Lavien Derma Radiance Essence BB actively promotes collagen production, firms the skin, and diminishes fine lines. Its microfine particles and ceramides create a radiant shield for the skin, ensuring a naturally radiant and consistent skin tone. The light, thin texture maintains a glowing exterior and lasting internal moisture. This BB cream not only soothes heated skin with its patented Skin Cooler formula but also offers UV protection, effectively reducing blemishes and skin irritations. It’s an all-in-one solution for those seeking to even out their skin tone and long-term skin health benefits at the same time.

Best CC Cream

Winner: Your Skin But Better CC+ Nude Glow SPF 40++, $70 for 50ml, IT Cosmetics

IT Cosmetic‘s Your Skin But Better CC+ Nude Glow SPF 40++ boasts a 90 percent skincare base, and is enriched with two percent niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and green tea extract, ensuring an instant glow and 24 hours of skin hydration. Its lightweight, fluid texture allows for buildable medium coverage, ideal for a natural, no-makeup makeup look. Not only does it provide immediate radiance, but with continued use, it visibly enhances skin brightness, texture, and tone. Combining the benefits of a medium-coverage foundation, a brightening glow serum, and SPF 40 sunscreen, it caters to all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Best BB Cushion – Mattifying

Editor’s Choice: Neo Cushion Matte, $66, LANEIGE

Transforming the way we approach cushion foundations, the LANEIGE Neo Cushion Matte stands out with its innovative Humid Defense Technology. This technology ensures a 24-hour sweat-resistant formula, ideal for hot and humid climates, effectively controlling sebum for extended makeup wear. Its unique design allows for multiple touch-ups without a cakey finish. Additionally, this cushion foundation is a pioneer in blue light protection, addressing the pervasive issue of High Energy Visible light from daily use of electronic devices. The cushion is formulated with Vivid Coverage Technology, incorporating Ultralight Powders for medium to full buildable coverage, simultaneously providing up to 8 hours of hydration. Its lightweight, matte finish pairs with exceptional coverage, ideal for those preferring a shine-free look. Corn Mint Extract is a key ingredient, offering oil and sebum control, making it perfect for oily or combination skin. Additionally, SPF46 PA++ UV protection provides comprehensive protection against sun damage.

[Editor’s note]: It’s hard to go wrong with a brand that is synonymous with sleeping masks and BB cushions. The Neo Cushion, an updated version from the one released in 2020, is an amazing upgrade in terms of long-wearing ability. You will love it if you have oily or combination skin, as the cushion mattifies the complexion and stays put in our humid weather.

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Best BB Cushion – Radiance

Editor’s Choice: Parure Gold Cushion Rejuvenating Radiance Foundation, $118, Guerlain

Infused with 24-karat gold, the Guerlain Parure Gold Cushion Rejuvenating Radiance Foundation imparts a luminous matte finish that subtly elevates the skin’s natural allure. At its core, the foundation is enriched with acetyl hexapeptide, which targets collagen for a rejuvenated, smooth appearance, complemented by 24-hour hydration. A natural-origin mineral filter offers robust sun protection (SPF 40 and PA+++), effectively countering photo-ageing. Designed for touch-ups, it balances radiance with shine control, maintaining a flawless complexion throughout the day.

[Editor’s note]: Korean brands may have perfected the art of making BB cushions, but Guerlain has elevated it to a luxury experience. The Parure Gold Cushion hydrates parched skin, leaving a natural radiance that glows from within.

Best BB Cushion – Hydration

Winner: Radiant Cushion Foundation Dewy, $145 for 15g, Clé de Peau Beauté

The Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Cushion Foundation Dewy is inspired by the brilliance of a diamond, offering an instantly dewy finish and buildable glow. It features an exclusive Light-Empowering Enhancer for amplified radiance and a Skin-Empowering Illuminator for enhanced skin vitality. Infused with a Dewy-Rich Hydrating Formula and Bulgarian Rose Moisturising Complex, it ensures deep hydration. The Lasting Control Function combats dullness, sebum shine, and makeup creasing, while Chestnut Rosa Fruit Extract, a rich antioxidant, combats free radical damage. Its essence-like texture glides on smoothly with a precision-fit puff, enhancing radiance and providing long-lasting moisture, for a fresh and luminous complexion throughout the day.

Best BB Cushion – Anti-Ageing

Editor’s Choice: Perfecting Cushion SPF 50+ PA++++, $100, Sulwhasoo

Offering more than just coverage, the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion SPF 50+ PA++++ is a blend of skincare and foundation that feels breathable and comfortable throughout the day. It brightens the skin, providing a radiant look and a wrinkle-lifting effect. The unique formula spreads softly, avoiding stickiness, ensuring makeup remains consistent and reduces smearing, even under face masks. This cushion is infused with a moisture-rich formula, deeply hydrating the skin for a firmer, healthier appearance. Sulwhasoo’s Advanced Slim Fit High Coverage technology allows full coverage with just a small amount, effectively concealing pores, wrinkles, and dark spots. This cushion’s lightweight, creamy texture blends seamlessly with the skin, offering up to 24 hours of wear with a moisturised, glowing finish.

[Editor’s note]: Who remembers when a brand would have 10 different cushions? We are glad for Sulwhasoo’s streamlined cushion lineup, and straightforward name. As its name suggests, this cushion foundation perfects your skin, blurring away imperfections with ease.

Best Loose Powder

Winner: Prisme Libre Loose Powder, $102 for 12g, Givenchy

The Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder is an ultra-fine, radiance-boosting powder that blurs imperfections and bestows a velvety matte finish on the skin. This cult product features a unique combination of four shades under its 4G-branded sifter – two corrective tones for evening out the complexion and two luminous hues to enhance skin glow. Its sensory texture is achieved through a special manufacturing process, producing a lightweight powder with light-reflecting particles for a radiant glow. Soft focus spheres and elastic beads with emollient agents create a luminous matte finish, leaving skin silky smooth. It offers a transparent, second-skin feel, locking in makeup while blurring imperfections. Infused with Vitamin E, it provides antioxidant protection, preventing caking and settling into fine lines.

Editor’s Choice: Translucent Loose Setting Powder, $76 for 29g, Laura Mercier

The Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder is renowned for its 16-hour wear and iconic soft-focus effect, eliminating any flashback in photos. Its truly translucent formula makes it a makeup essential for setting foundation. Uniquely milled for exceptional staying power, it feels weightless on the skin while providing a soft, smooth, and flawless appearance. The product feels lightweight and breathable, never settling into imperfections or appearing cakey. Its formula is enriched with Vitamin C and E, botanical blurring powder, and skin-conditioning powder, working together to blur imperfections, absorb excess oil, and provide a smooth, even-toned complexion. Proven to reduce shine and control oil all day, it’s ideal for oily skin types, yet doesn’t dehydrate dry skin types.

[Editor’s note]: You can’t talk about loose setting powders without talking about Laura Mercier’s. Its finely-milled powder settles perfectly onto skin, forming a light veil that protects makeup from slipping, while giving your skin an IRL filter.

Best Setting Powder

Winner: Studio Fix Pro Set + Blur Weightless Loose Powder, $56 for 12g, M.A.C

The M.A.C Studio Fix Pro Set + Blur Weightless Loose Powder is remarkably lightweight, absorbing oil instantly and delivering a photo-friendly, matte finish with a unique 3D blurring effect. Its innovative Dual Light-Bending Technology combines high-refractive index powders and lecithin-coated powders, refracting and reflecting light on the skin to blur imperfections. Ultra-clear powder particles ensure the powder remains colour-true, avoiding any dullness throughout the day. This powder is excellent at controlling shine, smoothing blemishes, and providing colour-true longwear without settling, caking, or creasing. It’s sweat- and humidity-resistant, non-acnegenic, and suitable for all skin types, making it a versatile choice for flawless, long-lasting makeup.

Best Powder Blush

Winner: Dior Rouge Blush in 962 Poison Matte, $82, Dior

Dior‘s Rouge Blush brings a long-wearing, healthy glow to the cheeks with its revamped formula. Available in four finishes – matte, satin, shimmer, and holographic – it caters to an array of beauty preferences. Comprising 90 percent natural-origin ingredients, including floral skincare extracts, it ensures hydration and comfort throughout the day. The blush’s soft, lightweight texture offers a silky, second-skin feel. Buildable in intensity, the blush is enriched with iris, wild pansy flower, and hibiscus extracts, promoting skin comfort, hydration, and radiance.

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Best Cream Blush

Winner: Pillow Talk Matte Beauty Blush Wand, $66, Charlotte Tilbury

The Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Matte Beauty Blush Wand offers an effortlessly flattering pop of colour, drawing inspiration from Charlotte’s acclaimed beauty light wands. Designed to glide seamlessly onto the skin, it instantly lifts and revives any complexion. The formula is infused with advanced blur technology and Lumi light-reflecting pigments, ensuring a smoothing, soft-focus effect that lasts. The result is a flawless, long-lasting finish that enhances the skin’s natural radiance. Ideal for creating a variety of looks, from a subtle, natural flush to a more dramatic effect, this blush wand is a versatile addition to any makeup routine, promising a perfect finish every time.

Best Highlighter

Winner: Positive Light Silky Touch Highlighter, $42, Rare Beauty

The Rare Beauty Positive Light Silk Touch Highlighter is your secret to achieving a radiant, glass-like sheen. Comprising 50 percent pearl microshimmers set in a semi-sheer base, this delicate highlighter transforms the look and feel of skin. It’s also unexpectedly smooth, airy, and talc-free, providing a weightless application that melts seamlessly onto the skin. Best of all? It gives you the appearance of sky-high cheekbones to rival that of Bella Hadid’s.

Best Concealer for Dark spots

Winner: Magic Touch Concealer, $51, Anastasia Beverly Hills

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Magic Touch Concealer is a versatile solution for achieving a flawless complexion. Its lightweight formula, akin to creamy water, effortlessly blends into the skin, providing buildable medium to full coverage. Light-reflecting ingredients work to neutralise imperfections, creating a soft-focus effect with a natural finish. Specially formulated to hydrate and smooth skin, it ensures a creaseless, comfortable wear without settling into fine lines. The unique amino acid-coated pigments adhere immediately, allowing for flexible blending while the precision teardrop-shaped wand enables exact application in small areas.

Best Concealer for Acne

Winner: Traceless Soft Matte Concealer, $102 for 3.5g, Tom Ford Beauty

Infused with hyaluronic acid, the Traceless Soft Matte Concealer by Tom Ford Beauty offers both instant and sustained 12-hour hydration, ensuring the skin stays nourished. Its imperfection-blurring technology effectively diminishes the appearance of dark spots, under-eye circles, and hyperpigmentation. Soft-focus powders in the formula deliver a natural, soft-matte finish, while weightless spherical powders provide a silky-smooth, seamless application. This concealer stands up to the challenges of transfer, sweat, humidity, and water, ensuring long-lasting wear without caking, creasing, or settling into pores. Designed as a skincare-infused stick, it offers buildable coverage that blurs imperfections, all while caring for the skin.

Best Concealer for Under Eye

Winner: Positive Light Under Eye Brightener, $41 for 4ml, Rare Beauty

The Rare Beauty Positive Light Under Eye Brightener is a lightweight liquid corrector that instantly brightens and hydrates the under-eye area, offering sheer to medium coverage. It reduces the appearance of dark circles and discolouration, with a crease-free, easy-to-blend texture. Enriched with White Peony and Vitamin E, it keeps your skin moisturised and nourished, leaving you with a refreshed look.

Best Makeup Setting Spray

Winner: Mist & Fix Setting Spray, $52 for 100ml, Make Up For Ever

The Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix Setting Spray is your go-to makeup setting and refreshing solution. This versatile spray helps set and lock your makeup in place for 24 hours. It caters to various skin types, especially normal to dry, with its fine mist delivery system that offers an even application while imparting a cooling sensation to the skin. Infused with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, it provides a refreshing boost to your makeup look while maintaining comfort throughout the day.

Best Single Eye Colour

Winner: Colour Stick in Kumato, $51 for 3g, BYREDO

The BYREDO Colour Stick in Kumato is a versatile, multi-use product designed for effortless application on the eyes, lips, and cheeks. Its soft metallic khaki green hue and dry-cream formula offer a light, buildable coverage that’s easy to blend. The vegan formulation ensures it’s suitable for a wide range of users. Housed in a sleek silver metal casing with a curved bullet tip, this stick is crafted for quick, intuitive use, allowing for both subtle and bold looks. The Colour Stick comes in various finishes, each tailored to the shade, ranging from dewy to matte and creamy textures

Best Eyeshadow Palette

Winner: Connect In Colour Eyeshadow Palette X6, $77, M.A.C

The M.A.C Connect In Colour Eye Shadow Palette features a unique six-pan array of shades with a groundbreaking formula that is designed to melt seamlessly across the eyelids, facilitating effortless application, buildability, and blendability. Boasting the most pigmented eye shadows from M.A.C to date, this palette contains up to 25 percent more pigment compared to previous iterations. The shadows offer one-sweep, pigment-packed colour, characterised by a lightweight, silky-smooth texture. The palette ensures even blending and is safe for contact lens wearers and ophthalmologist-tested. Versatile in use, these shadows can be applied wet or dry, with the wet application intensifying the colour for all-day, crease-resistant, and smudge-proof wear.

Best Pencil Eyeliner

Editor’s Choice: Emotionproof Eyeliner, $70, Tom Ford Beauty

The Tom Ford Beauty Emotionproof Eyeliner offers unparalleled endurance and elegance. This long-wearing, retractable eyeliner promises up to 24 hours of wear, making it perfect for any situation. Its transfer-resistant, weatherproof qualities, paired with intense, richly pigmented colours, ensure a striking look. The eyeliner glides on effortlessly, avoiding any tugging or pulling on the eyelids. It lives up to its name of ‘Emotionproof’, withstanding the challenges of the day without smudging or fading.

[Editor’s note]: Wear this for your next sobfest of a movie, or a visit to the pet shelter. It’s not kidding when it says ‘Emotionproof’.

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Best Liquid Eyeliner

Editor’s Choice: Signature de Chanel, $54, Chanel

Elevating the art of eyeliner, the Signature de Chanel from Chanel delivers intense, long-lasting colour for a distinctively adjustable line, perfect for creating a signature look. The ultra-soft brush applicator ensures a smooth glide along the lash base, allowing for uninterrupted application. Its tapered shape enables the drawing of precise lines, ranging from ultra-thin to bold and thick. The fluid formula, rich in pigments, guarantees an even application from the very first stroke, resulting in an intense, satiny, and waterproof finish. The formula has a high water content for seamless application, ultra-fine pigments for vibrant colour, and film-forming polymers that adhere perfectly to the eyelid, ensuring an eight-hour hold and waterproof wear.

[Editor’s note]: I’m on my third one and the Signature de Chanel always delivers the perfect flick.

Best Brow Pencil

Editor’s Choice: Naginata Brow Sword, $65, shu uemura

Discover precision in eyebrow styling with the innovative design of the shu uemura Naginata Brow Sword. Its unique naginata shape, reminiscent of a Japanese polearm with a single-edge curved blade, is complemented by a silky-soft formula that ensures easy and gentle application. The pencil’s smooth texture facilitates effortless drawing, allowing for both bold definition and natural hair-like strokes. This eyebrow pencil promises 16 hours of lasting wear, resistant to water, sweat, smudging, and sebum. With five shades available, it caters to a range of hair colors, particularly suited for the diverse tones found in Asian hair. This mechanical pencil not only fills gaps and draws individual hairs with its versatile tip but also shades brows naturally.

[Editor’s note]: If you’re like me, and hate having to go down to the stores to get your Hard Formula h9 sharpened, then you will love this one.

Best Brow Pomade

Winner: Dipbrow Pomade, $35, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Available in 11 versatile shades, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is designed to effortlessly fill in and detail eyebrows. The pomade’s long-lasting formula glides smoothly onto both skin and hair, allowing ample time for blending before setting to a matte finish. This professional-grade product offers a range of application possibilities, from creating natural, hair-like textures to crafting bold, defined brows. Its waterproof nature ensures long-wearing durability without smudging.

Best Lengthening Mascara

Winner: Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara, $52, Hourglass

Achieve the look of lash extensions effortlessly with this innovative mascara from Hourglass. It’s designed to amplify lashes with more definition, lift, and length, delivering results that mirror the effect of lash extensions. The secret lies in its film-forming technology, which coats each lash with lightweight fibres, ensuring a high-impact, fanned-out look and resilient, smudge-proof wear. The moulded brush precisely targets every lash, ensuring even application from root to tip. Removal is just as effortless – the tube-like film easily slides off with warm water.

Best Volumising Mascara

Winner: Hella Thicc Volumizing Mascara, $32, Fenty Beauty

The Fenty Beauty Hella Thicc Volumizing Mascara features an ultra-creamy, ultra-black formula, paired with a uniquely tapered brush that thoroughly coats every lash, ensuring a lavish, dramatic effect. The formula goes beyond mere volume; it creates full-bodied, curvaceous lashes that command attention. Designed to withstand sweat, humidity, and transfer, this mascara ensures your bold lash look stays impeccable throughout the day. The wand works in synergy with the formula, not only coating but also curling and lifting each lash for an unreal, dramatically voluminous effect that feels weightless yet turns heads.

Best Curling Mascara

Winner: Curl Fix Mascara, $25.90, ETUDE

Designed for 24-hour lasting curl, the ETUDE Curl Fix Mascara has been rigorously tested to ensure significant curl retention over time. Its lightweight formula promises no drooping, perfectly suited for stubborn and straight lashes. The “Curl 24HR Tech” feature actively lifts lashes, maintaining their curl, while the soft dual Jelly Brush expertly coats each lash. No smudging, no clumping – just beautifully defined and voluminous lashes even against sebum, tears, and sweat.

Best Long-Wearing Lipstick

Winner: Lip Power, $62, Giorgio Armani Beauty

Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Power strikes a perfect balance between long-lasting wear and comfort, a rare gem when it comes to satin-finish lipsticks. Its innovative formula, a blend of oils and high-concentration pigments, ensures that the vivid colour remains true and comfortable throughout the day. Once applied, this lipstick stays put, eliminating the need for constant touch-ups.

Best Creamy Lipstick

Winner: Dior Addict Hydrating Glossy Natural Lipstick, $62, Dior

The Dior Addict Hydrating Shine Lipstick is a fusion of fashion and beauty, boasting a formula with 90 percent natural-origin ingredients, encapsulated in a refillable case that mirrors Dior’s runway show designs, including Indigo Denim, Pink Cannage, and Metallic Silver. This lipstick offers intense colour and a vinyl effect shine, providing 24-hour hydration and six-hour wear. Infused with jasmine floral wax, known for its hydrating properties, it adorns the lips in radiant, luminous shades with exceptional shine.

Best Matte Lipstick

Winner: Rouge Allure Velvet, $62, Chanel

The Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet reimagines matte lipstick with a luminous twist. Crafted to wear like a second skin, this lipstick enhances the lips with pure, concentrated pigments, delivering an intense, velvety finish. Its formula, enriched with a jojoba oil derivative and shea butter, instantly moisturises, leaving lips feeling supple and soft. Encased in the iconic black and gold click case, it now comes in a range of new, modern, and sophisticated shades. The secret to its luminous matte effect lies in soft-focus microspheres and ultra-fine pearly particles, ensuring a matte yet luminous finish.

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Editor’s Choice: Powermatte Lipstick, $47, NARS

Experience the thrill of high-intensity matte colour with the NARS Powermatte Lipstick. Engineered to deliver bold, vibrant colour in just one swipe, it promises a lasting impact for up to 10 hours, setting to a smooth, matte finish without any weight. The Power Pigment Complex, a dynamic blend of pure pigments combined with colour-locking ingredients, ensures that the lips are saturated with dense, effortlessly gliding colour that remains comfortable all day. This lipstick offers a lineup of 15 transfer-resistant shades, empowering you to make a statement with every move.

[Editor’s note]: While most matte lipsticks leave your lips chapped and flakey, this one feels weightless and comfortable.

Best Sheer Lipstick

Editor’s Choice: Hyaluronic Hydra-Balm, $58, By Terry

The By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Balm is a vegan lip product that offers both the nourishing properties of a lip balm and the colour and shine of a lipstick. Infused with hyaluronic acid, known for holding up to 1,000 times its weight in water, this formula ensures a moisture-rich plumping effect for fuller, healthier-looking lips. The addition of a water gloss complex provides a sensual wet look, complemented by crystal colour micro-pigments that ensure a clear, natural-looking colour. The creamy texture of the balm glides effortlessly onto the lips, leaving them soft, shiny, and evenly tinted.

[Editor’s note]: I’d recommend keeping this in every single bag so you always have something to whip out for a wash of colour on your lips, all while hydrating it.

Best Liquid Lipstick

Winner: Locked Kiss Ink 24HR Lipcolour, $50, M.A.C

Kiss-proof, transfer-proof, and waterproof, the M.A.C Locked Kiss Ink 24HR Lipcolour ensures your look stays impeccable. Thanks to its exclusive Pigment Lock Technology, ultra-refined pigments provide a full-coverage, matte finish that feels imperceptibly light and breathable on the lips. Enriched with nourishing ingredients like passion fruit oil, coconut oil, and shea butter, it delivers a comfortable, barely-there feel. You can say goodbye to bleeding, feathering, or the need for touch-ups. Its precision applicator allows for smooth, even colour application, with a pointed tip for meticulous detailing.

Best Lip Tint

Winner: Glow Fixing Tint, $20.90, ETUDE

ETUDE’s Glow Fixing Tint is a radiant take on their best-selling Fixing Tint. This lightweight tint graces the lips with a dewy, luscious finish, feeling exceptionally comfortable to wear. Over 30 percent of its composition is dedicated to moisturising ingredients and plant-based oils, ensuring your lips stay hydrated, free from dry flakes and fine lines. The tint’s clear colour payoff and buildable texture make it perfect for creating various looks while keeping lips moisturised and glossy.

Best Tinted Lip Balm

Winner: Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, $39, Clinique

Few lip colours enjoy a cult reputation like Clinique‘s Black Honey — it’s renowned for its adaptability to flatter all skin tones, yet it uniquely harmonises with each individual’s lips, creating a distinct look for every wearer. This unique formula offers a sheer, glossy slip of colour, thanks to its transparent pigments and emollient-rich composition, ensuring a sleek, moist finish. It’s a beauty staple that combines the benefits of both lipstick and lip gloss, providing a customisable addition to any makeup routine.

Best Lip Balm

Winner: Vegan Lip Butter, $21, Melixir

Melixir‘s Vegan Lip Butter is a plant-based lip care solution that combines deep nourishment with a creamy, soft texture. This lip butter is uniquely formulated with agave, a natural ingredient known for its ability to soothe and replenish moisture in dry, chapped lips. Enriched with shea butter, it effectively locks in hydration, ensuring lasting comfort. Just one application of this conditioning, non-sticky balm leaves your lips feeling moistursed and imparts a natural glow. Free from beeswax and honey, this vegan lip butter is a perfect choice for those seeking ethical beauty solutions.

Best Lip Treatment

Winner: Plush Puddin’ Intensive Recovery Lip Mask, $35, Fenty Skin

The Fenty Skin Plush Puddin’ Intensive Recovery Lip Mask is designed to provide supercharged moisture for smoother, firmer, and plumper-looking lips in just one week. Infused with a delightful light vanilla scent, it not only hydrates and nourishes your lips but also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your lips looking fuller, more sculpted, and defined, with a clear, glossy sheen. The mask is enriched with coconut and castor oils, acting as rich humectants to retain moisture and promote healthier lips. Its pomegranate and jojoba oil complex, rich in antioxidants, visibly plumps and firms the lips, while pomegranate sterols, a natural vegan alternative to lanolin, enhance the moisture barrier and boost hydration. The inclusion of Barbados cherry extract, loaded with vitamin C, fortifies and conditions the lips. Finally, vitamin E, a potent antioxidant, revives and replenishes the lips, making this mask an essential part of any lip care regimen.

The selections made for the Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore Beauty Awards 2023 are the result of extensive and rigorous testing of over 500 entries. Over the course of six weeks, the BAZAAR team, alongside a panel of esteemed experts from the beauty industry, including makeup artist Larry Yeo, aesthetic doctor Dr Rachel Ho, makeup artist Dollei Seah, and beauty insider Michelle Sielman, each brought their unique expertise to the judging process and have meticulously evaluated each product.