Keep The Empties From These Skincare Brands That Have The Best Recycling Programs - Featured

While it’s easy to demand that all beauty brands have a recycling program, it’s usually not as easy to execute. Most skincare and makeup packaging contain several types of plastics which require different processes to break down. This is why most recycling programs call for empties which are from the brand itself, instead of including other brands, as they would know best the type of plastic which was used in their packaging, and how they can go about recycling them.

Nonetheless, it’s always good practise to keep the empties from these brands, as they have a recycling program to reduce the amount of waste. Brands like Kiehl’s and innisfree are long-time players in being eco-friendly as it’s also the brand’s ethos, but we are particularly impressed with RE:ERTH who managed to source a local recycling company to covert plastic into fuel (!!!).

Here are the eco-friendly beauty brands that have their own recycling programs.

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