Photo: Courtesy of Celine

Presley Gerber, sibling to gorgeous actor and model Kaia Gerber and son of supermodel Cindy Crawford, stars in Celine’s latest fragrance campaign: Haute Parfumerie Eau De Californie.

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Directed by Hedi Slimane, the black-and-white film shows the 23-year-old model driving through a California desert before stopping at billiards club for a solo game of pool. Elsewhere in the campaign short, Gerber appears wearing the Maison’s sunglasses in the driver’s seat of a vintage car, between shots of surfers on the Pacific coast. 

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Persley Gerber Celine Fragrance Campaign
Photo: Courtesy of Celine

The older Gerber offspring also shows off his tattoos, one of which reads “Los Angeles” over an outline of California’s state lines. Slimane ends the film with a shot of the fragrance itself, among rock formations. 

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Ambiance Eau De Californie
Photo: Courtesy of Celine

The fragrance, housed in Celine’s emblematic glass bottle, offers woody top notes with fresh, smokey and creamy characteristics. Think sweet but subtle Palo Santo tempered with powdery notes of Orris and the sensual, musky scent of Tree Moss.

Take a look at the campaign video here: