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Advanced Acne Treatment Plus (AAT+)
$250 for 55 minutes, IDS Aesthetics
Zap those zits with this must-try treatment that uses ultrasonic power to draw out embedded sebum and slough away dead skin cells. Besides a deep cleanse that helps reduce the amount of acne-causing bacteria, the procedure includes manual extraction to clear stubborn comedones before a soothing clay mask goes on to shrink those pores and calm any inflammation.

Biologic Defense Facial
$420 for 90 minutes, Estetica
Guided by the fact that the skin is a living, breathing organ with its own ecosystem of skin flora, this facial seeks to rebalance the skin’s microbiome with essential nutrients to nourish the microorganisms in the dermis. This includes pH‑friendly soya actives and ceramides to shore up the skin’s defence against external aggressors—helping to stave off dryness, inflammation and other issues—as well as stimulate the production of fibroblasts and collagen to improve the overall look and feel.

Spectra IDPL Pigmentation Treatment
$450 per session, Beaute Hub
Think of this as a step up from IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) lasers. Utilising twin flash lamps that cover a larger surface area at once and reportedly allow light energy to penetrate deeper into the skin tissue, Spectra IDPL Pigmentation Treatment works on skin irregularities such as age spots, sun spots and freckles with the help of brightening, vitamin C-rich tranexamic acid.

YR Luminous Pearl Face Spa
$350 for 90 minutes, The Ultimate
As its name suggests, you’ll walk out with a glow akin to the radiance of a pearl. Thanks to a line-up of professional skincare products with oligopeptides, marine elastin, vitamin C and extracts of the world’s finest pearls, this lavish facial showers the skin with a host of potent antioxidants and active minerals that help lighten discoloration and restore that dewy suppleness, while simultaneously giving skin an anti-ageing boost.

Oxy Miracle Infusion
$208 for 45 minutes, Skin Inc
If clogged pores are the bane of your existence, give this two-step treatment from Skin Inc a try. To start, the Oxy Miracle Peel cleanses and gently exfoliates with pressurised oxygen and saline delivered at supersonic speed. This oxygen bath also improves microcirculation for a rosy radiance. A customised serum—blended according to your specific skin needs—goes on after, along with a dose of Onsen Thermal Water from Japan to revive your skin.

Deep Cleanse Facial
$180 for 60 minutes, The Fullerton Spa at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
Perfect for those with oily or combination skin,
this signature treatment includes a thorough cleanse and exfoliation, a steaming session, extraction and a hot towel compress. The skin is also treated to a trio of essential oils—lavender, ylang-ylang and tea tree—with antibacterial properties; these also work on regulating sebum production. Toxins are further flushed out with a facial massage, where lymphatic drainage massage techniques are used to improve microcirculation, before a fresh water mud mask goes on to draw out dirt and other impurities.

Es’Te Amour Eye: Lift & Drain
$336 for 60 minutes, MTM Skincare
New research has revealed that the biggest age giveaway are the eyes. Keep ’em guessing your age with this targeted treatment. Designed specifically to rejuvenate the look of tired eyes with no downtime, this adopts the Local Dynamic Micromassage technology to stimulate microcirculation and cellular activity in the eye area while delivering custom-blended MTM skincare deep into the skin, resulting in suppler skin and less‑pronounced fine lines, eye bags and dark circles.

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Silicium Super Lift Facial
$496 for 75 minutes, Donna Beauty
Intended to counteract the skin’s loss of firmness, this one’s fab at tackling those early signs of ageing such as saggy skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Powerful anti-ageing ingredients derived from marine minerals are combined with an anti-wrinkle massage for a plumping effect, while the brand’s signature “super-lifting mask” further lifts and contours the face and neck. It’s pretty much an instant facelift, unveiling a visibly youthful visage with a radiant glow.

PDRN Face Therapy
$680 for 90 minutes, Spa Rael
Also known as the “Miracle Healer Injection”, this treatment delivers total rejuvenation on all fronts—tackling a host of issues that range from dullness to scarring and wrinkles. Renewing your skin from the inside out, it harnesses the prowess of salmon DNA, which has wound‑healing properties and is said to stimulate cellular renewal. Immediately post-facial, you’ll see your skin sporting a healthy-looking glow—an effect said to last up to a week!

The Hydrating Facial
$250 for 75 minutes, La Mer
Experience the healing, nourishing and energising goodness of La Mer’s aptly named Miracle Broth with this pampering facial designed to restore skin to its youthful glory. Products such as The Moisturizing Soft Lotion and the iconic Crème de La Mer—all of which are powered by the Miracle Broth—are worked into skin via a series of massages that stimulate microcirculation and aid product absorption.

Intense Lifting Care
$238 for 70 minutes, Hanbang
Experience Geunmak, a traditional South Korean massage technique that seeks to stimulate the fascia—collagen-rich connective tissues that stabilise facial muscles. Firm strokes relieve tension, improve blood circulation and stimulate lymph nodes, while pressure point massage targets the contours. An instant lift can be observed after one session, though skin elasticity is said to improve only over time.

Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Treatment
$300 for 80 minutes, Sulwhasoo
This facial seeks to optimise your skin’s health with Sulwhasoo’s herbaceous Concentrated Ginseng Renewing line of products with energising, anti-ageing properties. Complementing the products is a traditional jade applicator, which works to lift skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. You almost fall asleep while the therapist skilfully gives you a facial massage. Brownie points for the welcoming foot bath with water enriched with red ginseng.

Endermolift + Cellovski Neodemyl Treatment
$428 for 15 minutes, Beaute Hub
Powered by Magnetic Infusion Technology, this treatment promises to improve skin elasticity and collagen synthesis in a snap. A machine generates magnetic pulses, which are then converted into a mild electrical energy field. These electro‑magnetic pulses help to deliver vital serums deep into the skin. Results are visible in as little as 15 minutes; with regular sessions, the volume of wrinkles is reportedly reduced by up to 13 percent.

The La Mer Miracle Broth Facial
$420 for 90 minutes, The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Singapore at The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore
As evident by its name, this facial lavishes on skin generous amounts of La Mer’s famed Miracle Broth, which improves its natural ability to heal and regenerate. Bespoke massage techniques and a special ice sequence boost product penetration and seal in all the benefits, immediately enhancing luminosity and pampering complexions while soothing the senses.

Le Soin Sublime
$270 for 90 minutes, Chanel Prive
On the fourth floor of TANGS at Tang Plaza lies a Chanel haven decked out in classic shades of beige, black and gold. Once you’re snugly wrapped in a plush robe, your therapist starts purifying the skin with a host of new Sublimage cleansers before applying serums suited to your skin type and needs—be it a luminosity boost or intense hydration. A dry collagen mask is also applied, to further replenish moisture while plumping skin.

Nature Up Essential Organic Facial
$180 for 75 minutes, Aldha
Combining Aldha’s (formerly Dr Hauschka by Aldha) commitment to holistic wellness with Nature Up’s organic, green technology-developed skincare, this facial gently purifies and revitalises the skin. A hot facial compress is used to open up pores, facilitating the purging of trapped dirt and sebum. This is followed by a lifting, pressure point effleurage to help deliver the antioxidant-rich formulas deeper into skin.

ClearWater Facial Clarifying
$276 for 60 minutes, MTM Skincare
Are aggressive extractions giving you blotchy or angry-looking skin? You can now bid the problem a sweet goodbye with this facial, which uses an ultra-gentle version of dermabrasion administered by a suction machine to completely remove impurities both on the skin’s surface and in pores, aiding product penetration and efficacy. Expect a clearer, brighter complexion with improved texture and visibly refined pores right after treatment.

The Divine Ultimate Lift
$332 for 60 minutes, Kew Organics
With a tri-fold action that tightens, lifts and brightens, this total workout for the face and neck uses energy-based devices that emit microcurrent electric pulses to stimulate all 57 facial muscles at once. This encourages collagen and fibroblast production, and is touted as the natural alternative to invasive options such as facelifts. Any dullness, patches of uneven skin tone, spots, fine lines or sagging are dramatically reduced—it’s as if you’ve had fillers!—so your skin looks naturally plumped, hydrated and glowing.

Senze Awakening Facial
$420 for 90 minutes, SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus
This revitalises complexions with a thorough triple cleanse, perfectly prepping skin for a steaming session that softens clogged pores and sets the stage for a clarifying, pain-free extraction. A massage that boosts microcirculation follows, after which a customised, concentrated dose of glow-boosting, lifting or hydrating elixirs are delivered directly into the skin. This is topped off with LED light therapy and yet another round of SK-II skincare products.

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Beespoke Honey
$425.86 for 90 minutes, Porcelain Spa
The queen bee of facials, this harnesses the rejuvenating prowess of honey to re-energise and brighten skin. What to expect: a gentle exfoliating shiatsu face massage with almond honey scrub; Electrophoresis Cryotherapy, which pushes the nutrient-rich Bee Propolis extract deep into the epidermis to boost microcirculation, cellular oxygenation and detoxification; the Milk+Honey Firming Masque and Revital Eyes Multi-Peptide Silk Mask; and finally, red light therapy to encourage collagen production and skin healing.

MDRF FractionaL Treatment
From $250 for 90 minutes, ICON Aesthetics
Skin imperfections will be a thing of the past with this dual-action treatment that combines microneedling with radio frequency (RF). The dermis is pierced with insulated gold microneedles, which deliver high-tensioned pulses of RF deep into the skin, warming the deep tissue, and stimulating collagen and elastin production. Unlike traditional laser-based facials, a wide range of skin conditions and skin tones can be treated, without fear of any post-treatment burning or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Signature Small Face Care
$180 for 60 minutes, Facia Ginza
Developed with a team of osteopathic doctors, this Japanese facial treatment is like a deep‑tissue massage for the face. Kneading, rolling and pinching techniques are used to boost blood circulation, engage—and strengthen—facial muscles, and encourage lymphatic drainage for an overall reshaping and rejuvenating effect, from forehead to chin. Promising an instantly more contoured, symmetrical mien, this also reportedly helps boost the skin’s cellular activity, for healthier-looking complexions in the long run.

Onsen-Mist Calming Infusion
$188 for 45 minutes, Skin Inc
Harnessing the healing powers of onsen waters, this facial is meant for skin that is often exposed to the sun, or is sensitive, dehydrated or blemish-prone. Nourishing Japanese onsen thermal water is used to cool and moisturise skin, while a Blue LED Anti-Pore Power Fix Mask is combined with the Licorice Serum to calm any redness caused by inflammation and sun irritation.

Korean Needle-free Face Threadlift
$500 for 90 minutes, Kosme Aesthetics
Yes, there is such a thing as a non-invasive facelift. While this Hifu (high-intensity focused ultrasound)-meets-facelift hybrid involves surgical threads, they function as markers rather than sutures. Laid out on top of the skin, they indicate where the aesthetician will apply a collagen concentrate that will then be delivered deep into the skin via the heat from the Hifu machine. And yes, if you’re looking at getting that coveted V-shaped face, this one’s great for that too.

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