Jelly Skincare
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They’re jiggly, gloopy and addictively feel-good on skin. Slathering them on is, simply put, fun. And just like jelly desserts and PBJ sandwiches, jelly skincare is very, very easy to like. A trend that’s thought to have started in Korea – those K-beauty brands really know how to come up with a winning texture – it’s been gaining attention around the world and many western brands have also caught on.

Lightweight, fast-absorbing yet able to deliver a strong moisture boost, jelly skincare occupies the sweet spot between cream (which can feel too rich) and gel (which isn’t rich enough for some). Though they’re suitable for all skin types, they work particularly well for oily and combination skin, delivering hydration minus a sticky or heavy feel. In hot, humid climates where problems such as enlarged pores, unwanted shine, dehydration and irritation are common, their cooling, soothing effects make them a godsend.

Here, we’ve rounded up eight of the wobbly best.

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