Photo: Navin Pillay

Our BAZAAR NewGen finalist had the privilege of being part of a mentoring workshop with key speakers from different aspects of the fashion industry. From Start Today Ventures partner, Debra Langley to our longterm valued partner Swarovski’s India Plumbly, the finalists were given a rare insight on what it takes to be successful in face of an ever-changing business. And no conversation on the matter would be complete without the mention of social media and influencers. So, it made natural sense to have social media mogul Yoyo Cao give our finalists the 411 on the medium and how to leverage on it. Cao is also the founder and creative director of fashion label Exhibit, which lends her a unique perspective on the subject.

Watch the video below to learn how she employed her digital platforms and knowledge of fashion to propel her business forward:


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