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The colour red symbolises many things to different people across the world. On our shores, it is used to represent unity in our flag and on every National Day, we wear the vermillion hue with pride to celebrate our country’s achievements—this year will be no different. Okay maybe just a little.

Even as the National Day Parade is postponed to a later date, what’s to stop us donning red on August 9? Here, we take inspiration from some of our favourite style stars.

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1. Business Casual

If you’re celebrating this special occasion with your loved ones at home, why not play dress up and do like Yoyo Cao and put on a blazer? It doesn’t even have to be completely red; subtle pops of colour is key here. Wear it over a black lace camisole tucked into pair of leather shorts or your favourite maxi skirt and you’ve got yourself an Instagram-perfect National Day outfit.

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2. Do It With A Playsuit

Playsuit—or jumpsuit—is a great way to wear red without the hassle of mixing and matching pieces together.

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3. Say Yes To Babydoll Dresses

Dressing up should be fun, and since there’s no dress code for when you’re at home, put on your frilliest, puffiest babydoll dress and have a ball.

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4. Shorts Story

Shorts are one of the staples in all our wardrobes, especially in Singapore where it’s hot and humid. Follow in Kaci‘s footsteps and wear it with a cropped top or with an oversized shirt, half-tucked. To up the ante, go with printed, flared or tailored shorts to complete the look.

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5. Sweater Weather

Sweatshirts are a great way to look contemporary cool quick with minimal effort—especially when worn over a crisp white shirt. Or you could do like Diya Prabhakar and opt for a more casual look by wearing it with jeans—we recommend white.

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6. Go All Out

When all else fails, dress in your most luxurious maxi dress (like Zoe Tay) complete with jewellery and get the party started.