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“As we are all forced to slow down during lockdown we all have more time to reflect, make changes and set intentions for the future,” says Gramston. “I expect we will see changes in seasonality, frequency and the size of collections shown by designers as well as a new wave of innovation – with change comes opportunity. In terms of sustainability, I would expect an increased focus on this as brands, businesses and consumers collectively look at more sustainably-led decisions, putting an emphasis on their impact on the environment and making positive changes going forward.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Matches Fashion

Ultimately, this unprecedented challenge could and should lead to a better-functioning fashion industry, changing how brands are run and what consumers choose to buy.

“Coronavirus is a challenge for the fashion industry but it’s also an opportunity to rebuild it in a way which is better fit for purpose, and that solves for multiple problems,” Muston argues. “We had issues with supply-chain transparency and ethical trading, environmental impact, seasonal timings, and rampant discounting. This is our opportunity to put our industry back together, not as it once was, but as we would like it to be.”

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR UK.

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