The ball is a recurring maxi challenge throughout the many seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and this season is no exception. The theme? Bags.

Aired on January 29, episode 5 of season 13 features a special purse-first challenge, The Bag Ball, with Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers making a special appearance. The queens presented three looks under the categories of Mixed Bag, Money Bags and Bag Ball Eleganza inspired by the brand’s legacy in leatherwork and the role of the handbag in fashion.

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Mixed Bag tasked the queens with delivering a creative interpretation of the word “bag,” while Money Bags served up “executive realness” with an oversized Coach Tabby bag personalised with pins. Finally, the Bag Ball Eleganza saw the queens create runway looks with shopping bags, sleeping bags, gift bags and everything in between.

Gottmik won the challenge with an impressive performance, edging out Utica; Joey and LaLa were in the bottom. This is one competitive crop of queens, and we can only see how the drama unfolds as they race towards the finale.

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