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Here’s a little street style photography history: Before Scott Schuman, better known as The Sartorialist, there was Bill Cunningham. And no street style photographers list would be complete wihtout mentioning him—the OG street style photographer from Diana Vreeland’s era of fashion. He was a pioneer of an artform and was way ahead of his time. Today fashion street style photographers are aplenty, and we’re here to spotlight our favorite shutterbugs in the game.

  1. Acielle

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Better known by her Instagram handle, @styledumonde, Acielle is a world-renowned street style photographer who’s works have been published by the likes of The Wall Street Journal, GQ and Harper’s Bazaar US. She also gets to call luxury fashion brands such as Chloé, Desigual and Mercedes-Benz. During Paris and Milan Fashion Week, you can find her on the streets clicking away, so if you happen to see her there, don’t forget to strike a pose!

Matthew Sprout

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Although he’s not strictly a street style photographer, self-professed jock turned photographer, Matthew Sprout, deserves a notable mention on this list. His encounter with photography was with black and white film during his college days. The experience struck him with an epiphany which he has gone on to carve a 12-year career out of. His photographs exude an understanding of contemporaneity, which could be be attributed to his arts college background. In his career, his services for still and motion images have been sought by the likes of Kinfolk, Club Monaco and Free People—and for good reason. There’s something simple yet bewitching about the way he captures the essence of his subject with his camera.

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Phil Oh

Phil Oh is another example of someone who just fell into fashion photography with no prior experience in either industries. He rose to fame via his online moniker, @mrstreetpeer, on Instagram when he shared photographs of fashionable folk he took on the streets during his travels in Europe. People appreciate the candor in his photos, despite the lack of composition knowledge, which felt very authentic—which worked in his favour and gained his access to photograph events that some photographers can only dream of. Oh was at the recent Met Gala pink carpet and snapped shots of celebrities which felt very organic and in the moment.

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  1. Paul Won Jeong

If you’re all about that fashion week street style, Paul Won Jeong is your guy—he also goes by the screen name @pavelnupaul on Instagram. Jeong is a South Korea native and an international fashion photographer and spends most of career globetrotting to capture the most stylish fashion attendees. There’s a sense of intimacy in his images which are captivating and is probably what makes him such a great photographer. Most recently he was spotted taking photos on the streets of Seoul for Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore.

  1. Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Better known as @garconjon on Instagram, Jonathan Daniel Pryce is one of the pioneers in contemporary street style photography. His photographs have been published by Mr Porter, Time and T: The New York Times Style Magazine. He’s been known to prefer photographing subject whom look like they live in their clothes, rather than putting it on as a costume to peacock around in at fashion events. But that doesn’t mean that he’s averse to a little glitz and glam every now and again. His images are always clean, sophisticated and every so slightly technicolor. But there’s an undeniable air of authenticity in his images which pulls you in to really wonder about the backstory of his subjects.

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Tommy Ton

The devil’s in the details with Canadian-born Tommy Ton, in the sense that nothing escapes his eye. From acidic colours to outrageous prints and everything in between, if you’re wearing it, he’s paying attention. And chances are, he took a picture. His approach to fashion photography is similar to the process of a fashion stylist, where there are layers to image. He’s also the creative director of Deveaux, a contemporary American luxury brand that’s seeking to blur the lines between uniform and wardrobe. Which should come as no surprise, given that his curated photographs on Instagram almost always ends up predicting the next big trend in fashion.

Yvan Rodic

Yvan Rodic, also known as @facehunter on Instagram, is a prolific Swiss photographer who’s best known for taking cultural photographs. Back in 2006, when digital street style photography was still in its infancy, Rodic’s snaps of people at art and cultural events on his blog Visual Diary, received an estimated 1 million hits per month. That’s huge statistics, even in 2019. His photographs often consists of “real” people, who aren’t made and dressed up to be seen or photograph, which lends his photographs an uncanny authenticity that’s really intriguing. Which eventually led to him having his works in photography exhibitions. His first ever exhibition in 2007, “From the Street to the Night”, was alongside Scott Schuman.