While we can’t deny the instant gratification that comes from being able to buy off the rack, today’s conscious consumer favours quality over quantity. And as a result, shoppers are searching for made-to-order goods that celebrate individualised design, artisanal flair, superior fabrics and sustainable practices. From couture gowns to wedding dresses, here are five bespoke fashion labels in Singapore offering custom-made garments for your next special occasion.

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Time Taken To Make a Dress

Singapore based duo, Jade Swee and Letitia Phay founded Time Taken To Make a Dress after working together in a bridal studio, where they both realised they wanted to create dresses, but not feel constricted by the rules and confines of bridal wear. When creating bespoke gowns, the pair first meets with the client to get a brief and to look at things like their personality and body shape and size, as well as their budget. Short dresses start at around $1,800, while long gowns start from $3,500. Ball gowns and lace gowns are upwards of $5,000 and according to the designers, it’s best to allow three to four months from start to finish.

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Most brides will be familiar with Jessicacindy Hartono, founder of the Singapore based label Jessicacindy, which specialises in creating ethereal wedding dresses and couture gowns. As the go-to designer for local celebrities and influencers, Hartono’s creations are tailored to fit like a glove, while embodying your unique personal style. She believes in creating not just a dress, but also a legacy of craftsmanship and design. With a penchant for lace, tulle, Swarovski crystals, Japanese beads, swan feathers and delicate handcrafted flowers, Jessicacindy will weave your dreams and ideas into a creation you can truly call your own.

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Singapore designer Goh Lai Chan has been creating modern cheongsams and figure-flattering gowns for almost three decades. His made-to-order and off the rack designs have earned him a reputable name in the industry and a loyal following of clients. Utilising fabrics from around the world and quality craftsmanship, Lai Chan’s bespoke designs start at around S$5,000 and are constructed according to your exact specifications and measurements.

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Ying The Label

Blurring the lines between fashion and art, Phuay Li Ying, founder of Ying The Label, uses fabric as a medium to showcase her artwork. Every garment the designer creates features a hand-painted print, which is digitally transferred onto high quality fabrics to ensure that the prints remain vibrant even after several washes. Produced in limited quantities, Ying’s designs forgo seasonal trends in order to create pieces that her customers can wear forever. Utilising her most exclusive prints, Ying also offers a customisation service that lets you enjoy a truly one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

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Nida Shay

Founded by Nida Tahir Shaheryar, Nida Shay is a luxury womenswear label that specialises in the art of hand embroidery and embellishment. Focusing on exclusivity and customisation, Nida Shay’s clientele includes members of the royal families from the UAE and Malaysia, as well as other dignitaries. All of her bespoke creations are made in Lahore, Pakistan, by a specialised team of artisans, which are experts in traditional handiwork. The designer also works with a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme that provides a living wage, educational ventures and vocational training to support the wider community of craftspeople in Pakistan.