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Photo: The Oyster Bank

Funan DigitaLife Mall, also known as the legit Sim Lim Square to many, is no more. In its place is a rousing new integrated development, with over 500,000 square feet of retail, two additional office blocks, and an upcoming nine-storey co-living residence managed by lyf Funan Singapore. No doubt, it’s set to be a real stunner and a highlight amidst the labyrinth of City Hall.

First looks have already won many over. Playful perspective and on-trend colour design choices make for Insta-friendly shots, thanks to the quirky faces of the various walkways, ceilings and pods, which all jut out with irregularity, creating skewed plans that go against the typical symmetrical or curvy lines most malls adopt. Its conceptual spaces also have a tech overlay that keep things buzzing. With six themes covering Tech, Craft, Play, Fit, Chic, and Taste, the result is a well-balanced mix that drives diversity.

New-to-market brands are always exciting and when it’s an eatery, even more so. From homemade Korean and Peranakan restaurants to local artisanal ice cream shops and vegetarian places that feature ethically-farmed foods, Funan has also become a curation of Singapore’s eclectic taste and is a testament to locals’ love for creative flavours and different cuisines.

We help you navigate the various storeys to target the delicious food options you must try at the refurbished Funan.

1. Afuri

Long bandied about as the alternative to that other popular overseas ramen brand, Afuri’s reputation rests on its refreshing ramen and tsukemen. This is achieved with the addition of Yuzu to the chicken broth and dipping sauce, and the result is a citrusy note that offers a clean, savoury bowl. Named after the mountain where the spring waters were first used to make the noodles, the brand’s loyalty to using natural ingredients (read: no MSG and other chemical additives) remains one of its core tenets to deliciousness. Also try the lava stone grilled cha chu — you can thank us later.

At #B1-29. Visit

2. Godmama

Godmama at Funan
Photo: Godmama

Peranakan food has received plenty of love in the last decade and Godmama is here to feed that expanding craving. Featuring heirloom recipes from two families, co-owners Christina Keilthy, Derrick Chew and Fredric Goh have married recipes with their grannies’ blessings and opened a 60-seater restaurant and bar. Authenticity is upheld with the All-Star Egg Skin Popiah, faithfully recreated with fresh prawns, hand-cut vegetables, peanuts and crispy shallots in an egg skin crepe. And of course the Ayam Buah Keluak and Babi Assam are cornerstones you will find on the menu as well, boasting piquant and unmistakable flavours. If you’re looking at some innovation, come for brunch during the weekends where you can find Buah Keluak Bolognese, Otak Otak Benedict and Banana Pengat Buttermilk Pancakes. Just note that there are only two seatings for dinner — one at 6pm and one at 8.30pm — so reserve your seats earlier!

At #04-07. Visit

3. Gong Yuan Ma La Tang

We can’t figure out if it’s a lama or alpaca but we do know this brand is on fire! With ma la xiang guo (szechuan pepper bowl) being the modern-day yong tau foo, Gong Yuan Ma La Tang is the perfect option for those with non-decisive lunch partners. With its fifth outlet now open, you can now enjoy its “one-person hotpot” concept where you get to pick out your own bowl of ingredients, then have them cooked in one of its soups. It’s the perfect time to try its latest mushroom-flavoured broth, but we won’t blame you if you stick to its signature Ma La version.

At #B2-09. Visit

4. Hawker Man

Posted by Hawkerman on Monday, 24 June 2019

With its flashy trishaw propped right at the door and a lion dance mural across a wall, you can’t miss the #throwback vibes at Hawkerman. Its third outlet — the others are at SingPost Centre and The Seletar Mall — continues to offer hearty local fare from the three hawker stalwarts –Tenderfresh for fried chicken, Warong Kim’s for Hokkien Mee, and Ah Boy for some Rainbow Popiah. It’s a little bit of the old and the new, but it’s all a delicious compilation of stories with 130 years of cookery heritage. Not sure what to order? Go for the Bao Ka Liao which gathers a bit of everything for the hungry.

At #B2-18. Visit

5. Milksha

We are happy to announce that our Funan Mall’s outlet will be open for soft launch starting tomorrow (29/6)! 🎉Limited…

Posted by Milksha Singapore 迷客夏新加坡 on Thursday, 27 June 2019

Milksha at Funan
Photo: Morgan Awyong

When we went on the second day of opening, it was sold out by 3pm. Serving you milky, frothy bubble tea from a yellow minivan, Milksha’s second outlet comes quickly after its first, but is already playing catch-up with local demand. The main reason could be its unique menu, including house signatures such as Fresh Handmade Taro Milk, Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milk and Azuki Matcha Milk. While others may get a little heavy-handed, Milksha’s creations always feel silky and well-crafted, doing justice to its mission to deliver “natural, handmade milk beverages”.

At #02-K07. Visit

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6. Noka

Posted by Noka on Friday, 28 June 2019

Noka at Funan
Photo: Morgan Awyong

A sister restaurant to Open Farm Community, Noka, which means farmhouse in Japanese, is keeping true to the farm-to-table concept. After making your way up to the rooftop oasis (we recommend the stairs for some spectacular views), you’ll encounter a tidy garden filled with butterfly pea flowers, microgreens, mexican tarragon, scallions, dragon-fruits and even oyster mushrooms. The urban farm is managed by urban farming social enterprise Edible Garden City, and is then plucked fresh for Head Chef Seki Takuma to transform into exciting dishes. Go big with the Snow Aged Niigata Wagyu, chargrilled to perfection with fresh greens and herbs such as Okinawan Spinach. Or pick the Kaisen Don which puts together bluefin tuna, sweet shrimp, and Hokkaido scallop and uni (urchin). The convivial atmosphere marries service with quality splendidly, and is polished rooftop dining at its best.

At #07-38/39. Visit

7. PPP Coffee

PPP Coffee at Funan
Photo: Morgan Awyong

Better known as Papa Palheta, which first started as a coffee roastery, this local coffee institution has launched its rebrand with an open-plan outlet at Funan. The “multi-sensory experience” includes a hands-on brew bar for customers to browse its flashy coffee equipment, an artisanal toast bar, and a frozen selection of vintage and quality roasted beans. Other than its trusty coffee, you can also sample specialty beverages such as the Fig Jam Ginger Beer or Blue Earl Swirl. Or try the cascara drinks, made from the dried coffee cherries. We also spotted some local desserts worth adding to your order, including Nonya Kuehs and Coffee Gula Melaka Ondeh Ondeh.

At #02-19. Visit

8. Flavours by Saute

Flavours by Saute at Funan
Photo: Flavours by Saute

Already an established vegetarian eatery, Saute presents even more innovative fusion items with its new civic district outlet — Flavours by Saute. The highlight has to be its rambunctious Truffle Orh Luak, a surprisingly complementary pairing robust with taste and texture. But equally tasty is the Kale Quinoa Pine Nut Salad — just hearing it makes us feel leaner already. And don’t fret about nutritionless mock meat here. Everything is handmade from scratch with mushrooms and guarantees a meal catered for your well-being.

At #B1-30. Visit

9. Sinpopo Brand

With a restaurant and two grocers, Sinpopo continues to keep the Katong heritage alive with its latest coffee concept store. The outlook may be modern with chic black seats and geometric copper lighting fixtures, but the menu stays local to the core with cake flavours such as Pulut Hitam, Dar Dar Mille Crepe and the fluffy looking Cat Mountain King (durian). Besides tempting you with their glossy sweets, new items include localised Banh Mi and even everyone’s favourite “Nanyang” coffee bean roasted with butter, but prepared like an Italian espresso. It’s a heady and unforgettable combination you have to try.

At #01-K02. Visit

10. The Oyster Bank

The Oyster Bank at Funan
Photo: The Oyster Bank

“Finally, a bank that speaks your currency”. The Oyster Bank doles out the right kind of value in every aspect. An incredible combination of lavish, hip interior, delicious food and wallet-friendly value, the folks at this joint will easily make waves at the new mall. The Japanese oysters are clean and creamy, and fans can look forward to Happy Shucking Hour from 5-8pm on weekdays and 3-6pm on weekends. The Spicy Salmon Don, rich with a heady flavour, is only slightly overshadowed by the scrumptious Aburi Salmon Crispy Sushi. What’s crispy sushi you ask? Well — only one way to find out. Half restaurant and half bar, the winning formula of booze, ocean fare and Japanese preparation will have you smiling all the way to, well, the bank.

At #02-32. Visit

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11. Ajumma’s

Boasting savoury and smoky flavours, from mouthwatering beef to scrumptious bowls of rich kimchi broth, Ajumma’s Korean dishes is the place to go for dishes from your local ajumeoni (aunty). The dishes at Ajumma’s are also pretty affordable. You can get a bowl of Chicken Bulgogi at just $9.50. Tossed in a hot wok, the bowl comes with chicken slices, rice and four ban chan (side dishes). The classic Kimchi Fried Rice with Shrimp & Egg ($13.90) is also one to look out for, served with shrimps, Kimchi, herbs, toasted Korean seaweed and yes, fried egg with a runny yolk! If you are looking for a Korean restaurant that is reminiscent of those home-cooked meals you wish you can have featured in Korean dramas, this is the place to go.

At #B1-31. Visit

12. Butterknife Folk

13. Collin’s Gastro Dining

Collin’s Gastro Dining is no ordinary Western deli. Although it does serve up the usual burgers, fries and more, the dishes from the restaurant chain’s newest concept in Funan come with a whole lot of precision, and it elevates the simplest dish with the use of quality, premium ingredients. Its NZ King Salmon & Beans ($24) is served with sautéed vegetables and white beans, featuring its main star, the New Zealand King Salmon. The fish is said to be raised in the waters of Te Waikoropupu Springs near Takaka, said to have one of the cleanest waters in the world. Similarly, its Argentine Angus Sirloin Steak ($22) features Riplatense Beef made from Aberdeen Angus, Argentina’s dominant breed. Farmed ethically, the beef has no added hormones that is typical in American cattle, bringing you a healthier interpretation of the classic American steak meal.

Located at #01-15, Visit

14. Little Caesers

15. Steak & Sushi

Steak and Sushi? What could possibly go wrong? Located at Basement 1, Steak & Sushi is a contemporary steakhouse from casual western chain Hot Tomato that will combine both Western and Japanese-style cuisines in one dish. Its menu stars premium cuts of steak served along a curated selection of sushi and sashimi bowls. One of its signatures is the Steak & Chirashi Don, comprising grass-fed Australian sirloin that is paired with a combination of diced sashimi that sits on a bed of Japanese rice and served with mango coleslaw on the side. There are also classic T-bone steaks and a Bara Chirashi Don. Sounds interesting? Be one of the first to try out the complementary tastes of these unlikely partners.

Located at B1-24. Visit

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