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Sadly for Jelena fans, it seems as though what began as an innocent “break” and a few weeks apart might be moving into a full-on breakup for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

E! News reports that with Bieber’s recent public sightings with model Baskin Champion, Gomez is feeling doubtful that Jelena will be rekindling their relationship any time soon.

“Selena realized even though he’s made some positive improvements, they just aren’t a perfect match right now,” a source explained to E!.

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Though reports just last week revealed that Bieber apparently still “thinks and talks about Selena all the time,” it now appears that the two are living very separate lives.

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In the wake of the “break,” Gomez has been taking some yacht-side R&R with close friends and fighting for gun reform, while the Biebs has been spending a lot of timewith 22-year-old Champion—which doesn’t bode well for his future relationship prospects with Gomez.

In Bieber’s defense, last week E! reported that he and Champion are only casually hanging out as friends (read: NOT dating), and the “Sorry” singer is holding out hope for a reconciliation with Selena.

“Justin was introduced to Baskin through his friend group and they have only hung out a few times,” a source revealed to the outlet last Wednesday.

“He has definitely been liking her company, but to say they are dating is a huge stretch,” the source added. “Justin isn’t trying to be serious with anyone but Selena.”

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So while it definitely feels like trouble in paradise for Jelena, contradicting reports from Bieber’s end are telling a different story. So, for Jelena fans—there’s still hope.

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US.