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In these challenging times, many people strive to look for new online content that piques their range of interests, ignites curiosity and brings something different to the table. Now more than ever, we see a growing number of individuals who are diversifying their content and digital platforms to cater to this audience. Here, we share 6 content-creators you should definitely check out.

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Fong Min Liao: Sharing Her Introspective Reflections Through Instagram And Old-School E-Newsletters

In a sea of artists across the globe, it seems like Fong Min Liao has been able to effortlessly navigate social media with the ability to stay authentically true to herself. On her highly popular Instagram page, the Chinese-American painter gives followers a glimpse into her contemporary lifestyle, thoughts and new artworks, and has now taken it a step further with her own weekly e-newsletter. As much as it seems old-school, the newsletters are definitely refreshing to followers as she talks about matters close to the heart. On top of this, she’s even developed a separate social media page Inner Philosophy which hopes to act as a space that can  ‘[cultivate] self-intelligence’ and act as ‘a resource for reflection.’

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Fostering Creative Collaborations Worldwide Through HITRECORD App

You may recall watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt in films like 500 Days Of Summer (2009) and Inception (2010) but now, he’s taken his passion for the arts to the next level through an online collaborative media platform he founded, the HITRECORD app. Available worldwide on both iOS and Android devices, Joseph created the app with the intention of inspiring and bringing together creators who are passionate in the areas of voice-over acting, illustration, animation, video, writing and music. With thousands of users creating together especially during the current pandemic, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s even managed to secure his own Youtube Original series, Create Together #WithMe that showcases the incredible works and talents of the HITRECORD community.

Download the HITRECORD app here: iOS, Android

Hanli Hoefer And Marissa Trew: Keeping It Real On Their Podcast Just So We’re Clear

Podcasts have been gaining huge popularity and we love how these ‘two passionately curious 20-somethings’ in Singapore have been keeping it real on their own podcast, Just So We’re Clear. Chatting about a range of topics from pop-culture and relationships to interviewing a spectrum of different personalities both local and abroad, we can ensure that Hanli Hoefer and Marissa Trew will not fail to bring joy to your day.

Stream Just So We’re Clear here: Spotify, Apple

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Tammy Gan: Actively Educating And Advocating For The Environment Through Her Instagram, Lilearthgirl

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It’s Earth Hour!!!!!! 🧚🏽‍♀️ just ya friendly non-radical environmentalist sharing some thoughts for you to read while the lights go out 🕯 here are some notes I took from a webinar organised by Haymarket Books, words from activists much more powerful than I: Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor and Naomi Klein. Things to think about during this time: the current crisis is an unveiling of the inequalities that have always existed in this system we live in. The crisis is a symptom, not the illness. What is this illness that really afflicts us? In rebuilding this system, what world do we want to create? What values do we hold dear? And it’s not just about thinking about these things. It’s well and great to theoreticise but the anti-capitalist revolution isn’t built on ideas. It’s built on action. Action here and now. How can we start building the system we want? Revaluing the labour of care? Ask, check in with your care practitioners. Healthcare workers, transport workers, delivery workers, shop floor workers, artists, food growers—these people are the backbone of this economy, the people who have been stepped on and devalued to create a prosperous world—only for some. Ask them how they’re doing. Mobilise resources in your community to help. Start mutual aid projects. Fundraise. Financially support. Buy things from them. The anti-capitalist revolution starts like this.

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An environmentalist by heart, Yale-NUS undergraduate and writer Tammy Gan has been consistent in using her Instagram platform (@lilearthgirl) to educate followers about what’s going on and drive meaningful conversations on eco-matters across the globe. Whether it’s on topics like climate change or sustainability, Tammy has the ability to break down information and provide engaging social commentary.

Cogey: Blending An Affinity For Vintage, Astrology And Fashion On Instagram

Cogey‘s Instagram page is simply a breath of fresh air, especially since it’s so original. Unlike many other social media personalities who fit themselves into a specific category, Cogey’s managed to make a mould of her own and entertain audiences with her aesthetically pleasing vintage astrology memes, retro outfits and jaw-dropping makeup looks. On top of this, she has also used her platform to share her own personal storiesexpress her thoughts on current affairs and even, has given a 2-minute crash-course video tutorial on how you can use photoshop to help rescue dogs find homes.

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