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After official trips to the likes of Canada, Australia and, most recently, Poland and Germany, the Duchess of Cambridge is no stranger to handling hundreds of public engagements throughout the year.

From greeting well-wishers, shaking hands with the public and chatting with presidential dignitaries, Kate shows no qualms mixing with locals, engaging in witty conversation about her two children, and showing intrigue when touring the likes of the National History Museum or the Chelsea Flower Show.

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However, in addition to the fact the Royal Family are banned from eating certain foods while traveling abroad, we’ve just found out there’s yet another stipulation when becoming part of the famous clan that the Duchess must abide by.

According to the Express, the royal family are forbidden from signing autographs for fans because of the risk of the signature being forged.

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Despite being handed pictures, teddy bears and notepads for signatures, the royals are asked to decline all autographs, with Prince Charles’ go-to response being: “Sorry, they don’t allow me to do that”.

However, in true Charles fashion, he did break he rules just once when he signed an autograph for a victim of devastating floods in 2012, scrawling “Charles 2010” on a piece of paper.

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While autographs may be off the cards for the royals, it appears the British Monarch has no problem with the family posing for selfies with their fans.

To be fair, if we had the choice of a signature or selfie with Prince Harry, we’d definitely go for the latter.

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