Martell Home Live
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Having kicked off the debut episode of Martell HOME Live—a new digital talk show for creatives and innovators to share their stories of global gastronomy and travel—back in April in New York City, Maison Martell is set to premiere the second episode of the digital series in sunny Singapore.

For the uninitiated, Martell HOME Live features episodes filmed in different parts of the world, each showcasing movers and shakers in the worlds of fashion, film and music—a unique platform to celebrate visionaries who push boundaries, challenge norms and leave lasting legacies. The first episode saw interviews and performances by Charlie XCX, Princess Nokia and Big Freedia among others.

Tune in at 9pm for Episode 02: A Taste Of Home, where cultural influencers Opening CeremonyArthur Bray and Claire Jedrek will be paired with renowned gastronomists Esu Lee, Ghetto Gastro and May Chow for an intimate sharing of bold ideas and forward-thinking visions hosted by Korean-American chef Judy Joo. The inspiring night will culminate in the creation of a bao (the iconic Chinese dumpling) that encapsulates their personal stories, paired with new Martell serves. Also look out for a music performance by hip-hop rapper DaBoyWay.

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