The food connoisseur of the Fab 5 in the sensational Netflix series, Queer Eye, Antoni Porowski is a snack we can’t resist.  His bristly five o’clock shadow, deep set eyes and his heart-wrenching smirk has earned Antoni worthy of being dubbed the Franco brothers’ lookalike.

The reboot of the wholesome reality show, Queer Eye allows participants to receive a life-changing transformation from the Fab 5 in every aspects of their lives, and most importantly, to gain the self-love they always deserved. Antoni Porowski, who is the antonym of Gordon Ramsay (except for his passion for food), has a warm and patient heart, and he seeks to help participants in Queer Eye figure better ways to serve their appreciation to their families. Charming, handsome and has a heart of gold? This man is checking the boxes off our ideal-man list.

Cooking is just one of the talents the multi-faceted hunk possesses. Antoni Porowski had actually graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts, and later pursued several acting gigs, including two movies with James Franco right now! Serving up looks and good food, Antoni started out in the restaurant scene as a humble waiter and sommelier, where he later scaled to become a restaurateur and Tony Allen’s (the original Queer Eye food and wine expert) personal chef, which eventually led him to become part of Queer Eye.

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Meal prep. 📸@alizajsokolow

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Food has always been an important part in Antoni’s life. Travelling with his Polish parents allowed him to learn new interesting recipes and return with weird local ingredients which fuelled his love for cooking. We’re affirmative that our lovely boy must’ve been a fantastic host in college as he frequently cooked for dinner parties at his house. Forget heading out for candle-lit dinners, let the smouldering Polish man whip up a mouth-watering meal to satisfy your belly and hungry eyes.

His goofy smirk is representative of the angelic child he is at heart. Sentimental and playful, Antoni loves his Fab 5 and holds the efforts made by his Queer Eye participants dearly to heart. Did you know Antoni is also a cute, big baby? Antoni mentioned in an interview that he gets teary eye whenever a participant (whose passion for cooking was reignited by Antoni) sends photos of his dinner parties to him. Awww.

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Lunching w @maggierogers.

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