It’s easy to get caught up in the glamour of this industry’s hustle. But recently, we found ourselves in a star-studded occasion of a different kind—a special video project with 14 famous faces to raise awareness for Animal Lovers League (ALL), Singapore’s largest and longest-running no-kill shelter. The non-profit charity organisation provides over 500 cats and dogs with a home, regular meals and essential medical care all year round; and seeks to connect them with new loving, committed owners who responsibly adopt, not buy. These adorable creatures are either strays, abandoned or rescued, and ALL relies on the public’s love and support to keep the shelter going.

So Kim Lim, a furry-friend advocate and staunch supporter of ALL for the past few years, brought together local personalities to not only pledge their support, but to help raise awareness: From Zoe Tay, Rebecca Lim, Fiona Xie, Felicia Chin, Hayley Woo and Jeffrey Xu, to Glenn Ong, Jean Danker, Xia Xue, Mae Tan, David Gan, Shaun Lee and Sam Ong.

You, too, can play your part through either a monthly or one-time donation here: ALL hopes to garner at least 1,000 more donors of $30 a month each to help cover the basic cost of the shelter. From a dollar a day, you can make a difference in an animal’s life. For those unable to offer monetary assistance, there are various other ways to help, like volunteering, organising fundraisers, donating food and supplies, raising awareness, fostering or adopting a shelter animal, or simply sharing your experiences using the hashtag #ALLthatmatters on social media.

To help support this cause, BAZAAR also partnered with Chantecaille, a beauty brand with a strong philanthropic commitment to animal conservation worldwide. Best known for its nature-powered skincare elixirs and beautiful makeup that’s well-loved by celebrities and editors alike, Chantecaille’s latest offerings include the Lip Veils for Space for Giants, a cause that aims to protect the migration path and wild roaming lands for African elephants to survive and live freely, as well as the Philanthropy Cheek collection—six embossed blush compacts that benefit the brand’s favourite conservation efforts, ranging from Monarch butters, to protecting endangered pieces, the coral reefs and wild horses.

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