Nine Asian Celebrities Over 40 and the Skincare Tips We Can Learn From Them

From Gong Li to Michelle Yeoh, here’s how these Asian celebrities keep their skin in top condition and age gracefully

Looking good, for most celebrities, is part and parcel of their jobs. While they probably have access to the best facialists, skincare products and aesthetic procedures, (which is why some of them look like they’ve found the fountain of youth) many of them have practical beauty regimens that normal non-celebrities can incorporate into their everyday lives too. Here are nine Asian celebrities over 40 who’ve aged gracefully, and their skincare secrets.

1. Carina Lau

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Even though 53-year-old Carina Lau has her own skincare line (called Carina Lau International), the Hong Kong actress often credits her great skin to exercise. She reportedly jogs and lifts weights from Monday to Friday, and rests on weekends. This likely explains why she has a great figure too.

2. Gong Li

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Internationally renowned actress Gong Li who turns 54 in December this year, has reportedly said in media appearances that her skin looks so youthful because she sleeps a lot (it’s called beauty sleep for a reason, people). Plus, the Chinese actress been the face of L’Oreal Paris in Asia since 1996, representing its anti-ageing line Revitalift, so we’re pretty certain all the complimentary skincare products that she gets from the brand help too.

3. Vivian Chow

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Fifty-one-year-old Vivian Chow is not that prolific in the media nowadays, but when the Hong Kong actress-singer does make the headlines (like last year when she had her 30th anniversary concert tour, and earlier this year when she celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary), netizens cannot help but gush about how youthful she looks. Her secret? A nightly eye massage with a nourishing eye cream and collagen-boosting skincare products, as she reportedly said in different media interviews.

4. Alyssa Chia

If you’ve ever been in awe of how 45-year-old Alyssia Chia looks so good despite running after two young kids (she has two girls aged two and four), let’s just say, us too. The Taiwanese actress likes to use face masks and facial oils, which are said to provide intensive and deep nourishment to skin and are easy to fit into her busy schedule. She’s also reportedly said that she tries to wake up earlier to go for a morning jog to keep healthy, which translates to healthier and more youthful-looking skin too.

5. Vivian Hsu

Who wants to look as good as 44-year-old Vivian Hsu wearing a cap, with a mussed-up ponytail and eating a bowl of hawker food — without a stitch of makeup? The answer is, who doesn’t? The Taiwanese singer-actress, who is the ambassador of skincare brand Bio-essence, says the key to her glowing and flawless complexion is to keep skin hydrated and to improve skin cell regeneration, so an effective moisturiser and a serum that helps with skin rejuvenation are must-haves in her skincare routine.

6. Lin Chi-ling

Forty-four-year-old Lin Chi-Ling, who tied the knot recently, reportedly does a 10-step massage to help her skincare absorb better. The massage also acts like a gym workout for your face, which helps improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, to encourage your skin to eliminate toxins and reduce puffiness at the same time. It’s no wonder the Taiwanese model looks great from every angle.

7. Michelle Yeoh

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Michelle Yeoh’s turn as Henry Golding’s mum in Crazy Rich Asians brought about a surge of renewed interest in the talented Malaysian actress, who has been open about the pressures of looking good in an industry where much emphasis is placed on appearances. The 56-year-old has said that she keeps to a rigorous skincare routine, which includes a creamy, anti-ageing mask from Guerlain. She is also a strong proponent of sun protection, crediting her grandmother for the very wise skincare advice.

8. Zoe Tay

You didn’t think we would leave the Queen of Caldecott Hill out of this list, did you? The 51-year-old has great skin because she protects her skin from the sun, puts on sheet masks frequently, and tries to get enough sleep. But most importantly, she cleanses her skin thoroughly and removes all traces of makeup because she has experienced first-hand, in her 20s, how clean skin prevents breakouts. If we may add, properly-cleansed skin also helps your skincare products be more effective too.

9. Fann Wong

You’d know that another of our favourite local media queen, Fann Wong, takes her skincare routine seriously if you follow her on Instagram. The 48-year-old fronts The Body Shop, and has held multiple interviews revealing her skincare secrets — from keeping skin hydrated to using sun protection. But one thing that we feel is important to highlight — and is probably the easiest thing we can incorporate into our daily lives — is that she wears makeup only when necessary, going bare-faced when off-duty. Well, if Fann Wong doesn’t worry about putting her bare face forward, why should we, right?

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