Local Instagirls Share The Outfits They’d Love To Wear Post-Quarantine

Style inspo for brighter days ahead

Dressing up hasn’t been the same⁠—especially in quarantine with so many of us either adding more loungewear fits into our online shopping carts or throwing on a baggy tee to watch some Netflix. It’s hard to remember a time that we’ve stepped out of our homes for a fun event, a day at the office or a holiday abroad⁠—we’re definitely not taking our freedom for granted from now on.

With more time to experiment and try out new things at home, many of us, including this fashionable set, have their eyes locked on making more adventurous style choices. Whether it’s adding more colour, taking inspiration from nature or rocking a vintage piece, we share what these stylish personalities will be wearing post-quarantine.

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